About Chicklit Power Ministries


How We Started

My name is Evinda Lepins, the founder and president of CPM (Chicklit Power Ministries) and I am humbly amazed as I rewind the months now turned years and relive the formation of this ministry that began all because I wanted to write a book!  Let me explain.

When I finally finished my first book, originally titled “The Men in and out of Her Life,” an author marketing company explained to me that I needed a website, and they recommended someone to help me. That person determined that my genre was chicks’ lit – literature for chicks, albeit not the traditional chick-lit type of fiction of the past. She searched and discovered that the URL www.chicklitpower.com  was available. We were off and headed to website development. I remember thinking, so now can I get my book published? But unbeknownst to me, there was still so many mountains to climb!

Thereafter, the web designers told me I needed to blog. I didn’t even know what a blog was but quickly learned. Within a week, I heard Him whisper “Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power.” The blog was born. Through the blog, there were requests to do a workshop for a powerful series that I had blogged called “Loving the Unlovable/Difficult People in Your Life.”

I argued with God for a bit about this, exclaiming, “I just wanted to write a book; I didn’t sign up for all this other stuff!” Well, one thing I learned a while ago in my journey of faith with Him is that whenever we wrestle with God, He always wins! So the book team and I got together and planned our first workshop which was in July of 2010. I can’t help but giggle when I look back on it, me throwing my fit and them scratching their heads and probably saying, “I only wanted to commit to one book!”

Immediately after the first workshop, it was obvious that it wasn’t to be our last as He gave me the name for the next one, “Keeping it real through the Holidays.” I formed a dba, Kimberly Evinda Lepins, dba Chicklit Power Ministries. In the background of this formation, my first book was being shopped, and rejected, in New York and by the end of 2010 it became apparent that getting published was a slow and uphill process. I remember the moments of dismay that I didn’t dare stay in as I felt Him nudge me up the hill towards publication.

And publication didn’t look like what I had imagined, either. My first published book wound up being a self-published book paid for by a team member who believed in the writing as well as the ministry. Thus, the “Cup” series was born and the first one being “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day,” the second one, “A Cup of Hope for the Day,” the third, “A Cup of Grace for the Day”, and “A Cup of Joy for the Day” is on its way. We believe that there will be a new cup every year! In between the three cups, we found a publisher, or a publisher found us, and my first fiction novel published but not before they renamed it “Back to Single.”

As the publication journey continued, the ministry continued to grow through workshops, and a year and a half after beginning as a dba, we formed a corporation and have obtained our non-profit status! We’ve just been following His lead and the journey gets more exciting as we continue! We have moved offices from our home to Redlands where we rent space from the C.S. Lewis Foundation. Our ministry is growing and all of us have stayed seat-belted in the ride and haven’t looked back – well, maybe we have, but only to shake our heads in amazement, giving Him praise for choosing to use us as His vessels to lead others to the reality of the necessity of the love and grace of Christ in their lives as we help others thrive in relationships and dig out of wounds, weaknesses, and worries.

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