The Vision-Where we are Going!

I never gave our name a second thought. It was so divinely given, that it just was; that is, until after we celebrated our first year in ministry, and then I wondered to myself, why is it ministries, and not just ministry? That question grew in my heart and about a year later, the answer was revealed! He had so much more planned than we could ever imagine and if He had given us more of the vision in the beginning, I don’t think we all would have captured it, let alone agreed to be a part of it!

See, He is revealing through the workshops the needs of His beloved! There are so many hurts, habits and hang-ups out there and He is calling us to go deeper while reaching out farther to help those who want to be helped up and out of their junk. We’ve discovered that there is a need for a ministry that addresses eating disorders. We’ve also discovered that there is a need for another recovery-type meeting, a safe place to come and talk about struggles, habits, hang-ups. We also see that all around us, relationships are hurting, in trouble, or just need some extra tools to get through those hard-to-bear circumstances so sometime in the future, in His timing, there will be a weekly or bi-weekly meeting for anyone wanting to do relationships better! We see a divorce recovery ministry in the future, a ministry that helps others deal with chronic illnesses while awaiting their complete healing!

Yes, the needs are great and the laborers are few and we are just a small army awaiting His calling to report to duty to equip the saints in each of these areas! We are not a ministry made up of perfect people and as far as educational qualifications, we have one board member with his M.A. degree; otherwise, all of our testimonies together help us to realize that while He hasn’t called the qualified, he will qualify the called! Our hearts truly join in one accord to help others recognize their hurts, habits and/or hang-ups for it is only when we are brave enough to look at them face to face that we can be granted the strength to endure His transforming process.

We are looking forward to all that He has for us to share with you!

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