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Wednesday’s Word

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017


He Loves to Give us Gifts

James 1:17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Wednesday’s Word with Trench Classes United. We’ve been sitting in the Psalms for a few weeks but we are going to move on because I just have to share something. See, when His Principles and Promises come to life in my own life, I am compelled to share that He may receive the praise He so deserves. Grab your coffee and your Strand of Faith, and come on in.

I have a question for you: Do you believe, with your whole being, that God is concerned about everything that concerns you? That He loves to do nice things for you, to give you wonderful gifts to delight your soul? And, Coffee Hour Friend, I’m not just talking about in the spiritual realm, but in this world, in this journey, in the here and now! When someone does give you a gift, do you find it hard to say thank you? I don’t know about you, but isn’t it easier being on the giving end? Well, I’m thinking He wants me to learn how to say thank you, to receive all that He has for me so I want to claim and exclaim how He revealed, yet again, that He is the giver of good gifts.

It was just two days before our long-awaited cruise. I was so beyond excited and ready for this break. I was just about all packed and ready. Some of our friends that we were going with had set up excursions, and a couple of them were just going to wing it once we got there. I had attempted to set up a dolphin excursion, but when I saw the price, I immediately hit the back arrow and just stared longingly at the location, and the candid smiles of others who had gotten such an opportunity.  Well, just two days before leaving, one of my girlfriends asked if I had checked for specials on the dolphin excursion. I shook my head and added “I’m not going to worry about it.”

Well, she must not have liked that answer because within seconds, she had the site up on her computer and my longing to swim with the dolphins was rekindled. She pointed to something on the screen, and my rekindled desire suddenly burst into flames! There, right in front of me was buy one get one for $30! That was $150 off! I booked that excursion so fast, I was even impressed. I just knew in my soul that this was a gift from my Father for He truly cares about all that concerns me. See, this wasn’t an excursion where you watch from the distance, and maybe bend down and kiss the dolphin and pet it; no, this was the opportunity to get in the ocean water, swim with them, let them pull you through the waves and even lift you up! I was beyond excited.

The excursion was in the last port we stopped at, Cozumel and I could go on for pages and pages about the days prior but I want to get right to the next gift He blessed my husband and me with. After checking in for our excursion, they said they were running a bit behind, and moved it from 1:00 to 1:30, so we had more of time to enjoy the rest of the park, which we were only able to explore a small section. It was huge, with all kinds of fun things to do and beauty to behold. We arrived on time, and they were not on time, but we waited patiently. Finally they called us and there were about 45 people that they began to put in groups with numbers. They assigned us number 1, and within a few minutes, the lady who was checking everyone in called us by name and said with an accent almost as thick as peanut butter, “Oh, well, you are the only ones. This is lucky for you!”

See, what that meant is we didn’t have to share any of the 40 minutes with any others; we had two dolphins and the trainer all to ourselves…AND the trainer kept us in there for over an hour! Three gifts in one!

It’s been said a picture speaks a thousand words, so here are just a couple to show the joyful receipt of His good gifts to my husband and me on this day, gifts that left memories in my heart for all my tomorrows that I may draw upon when I am down, or just bring back up to the hallway of my heart to smile from the inside out!

Friend, sometimes we are moving so fast, we don’t recognize our Father as a giver of good gifts. What has He done for you lately?


Tuesday’s Trench Truth

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Thanks for stopping by for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Tuesday’s Trench Truth, and invitation, too with Trench Classes United. Grab your favorite break-time beverage, and join us for a moment of truth.

Have you ever noticed that the more we talk about our problems, the bigger they get? It’s the same thing with fears; the more we feed them, the smaller our faith becomes.

I know I used to do this in the name of “venting,” and perhaps you have, too. Coffee Hour Friend, can I just keep it real right now? There is a fine line between venting and vomiting! The more we talk about something, the more we are hanging on to it. How many times do we need to regurgitate the same thing in order to feel validated? In order to feel heard? Or, in order to make a point?

Perhaps we need to think about who we vent to, and our motive behind the venting! Today, can I challenge you to feed your faith and quiet your fears? And if that seems a bit of a stretch, mark your calendars for our Night of Purpose which will be an introduction to Living Fearlessly!


Looking forward to seeing you,


Monday’s Mantra

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Another Monday, a new day, a new week! Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Monday’s Mantra @ Trench Classes United.  Oh, Coffee Hour friend, perspective can change everything! Come on in.

Do you ever have those Monday blahs and wish you could just get right to Tuesday, one day closer to the weekend? Ah, last week, coming home from vacation, I began to have one of those Mondays. I found myself wishing I was back on the ship, cruising to a new port of call, experiencing a new culture, new beauty, tasting new foods, marveling at another sunrise, getting lost in a new sunset, and creating more memories for my memory bank to draw from in times just like this.

That’s the time we need to depress the pause button and keep moving forward to experience what He has for us in the now. How do we do that, though, take our “tush” off the cush’, and pull our hearts and minds into the moment, the new day He has given us?  I mean, there I was whining like a baby without her bottle, needing not a diaper change but an attitude adjustment and I just happened to land in 1st Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I added my name to the end of that verse and my heart stopped.

It worked!

Instead of staying stuck, on pause, wishing and missing, I found myself thanking and praising Him for the moments that turned into wonderful memories, and even the not-so-wonderful ones I experienced on vacation, for those are the ones where He spoke to teach and guide me into new waters.

Here’s another key that may work to unlock your heart and get it moving past the past: God knows that sometimes, this whole idea of giving thanks can really be challenging, but in this verse He tells us that while in any type of circumstance, including the Monday blahs, we can thank Him for something! See, we may find it difficult to thank Him FOR our current situation or circumstance, but we surely can thank Him for something while IN the current situation or circumstance.

So let’s gather our thanks, press into Him with an attitude of gratitude, for this will bring new awareness of more blessings to thank Him for, especially His presence in our present!





Faith Filled Friday

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

I have noticed that over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to write. Ten years ago, writing used to be much easier; I always could find the words that expressed my feelings. It was as if I was a waterfall of emotions, both good and bad.


In these last years I am not sure why I struggle so much. Perhaps writing has shifted from an expression to more of a fight against the silence? Might I write to combat the silence? To feel, to live, to breathe, to yearn for that waterfall to flow again despite the drought that overtook it?


I have started asking myself a question lately which I cannot seem to find the answer for. How can one love life so much and yet feel the passion slip away despite grasping and trying so hard to not let it go? So I have been asking for God’s interjection to get my heart and mind networked again.


I don’t believe I have a problem with the heart or maybe even the mind in this. I believe it’s more about the road in between, the one that connects the two together. Maybe it’s the street signs along the way that I have missed? Or maybe it’s the pot holes I swerved to avoid and maybe lost my direction or directive. Maybe it’s the mud slides of life that cover the road and I find myself waiting to travel between the two again. I will trust Him to show me the way to bring the two together, to network mind and soul. I believe that with God and connection to God, anything is attainable and quite possible. My faith will certainly hold the road…


I will not let the fray of life take me from my spirituality, nor my faith… Please God irrigate through these empty lines new and old passions to the place within me that is found wanting.


Only God can hydrate these parts of us. Are you experiencing a spiritual drought? Are you plugged into your source?  I pray that in the days to come, you and I would feel the hydration of God’s love feeding our passions and helping us through and to the networking of mind and soul.




Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Welcome to Tuesday’s Trench Truth, and Invitation, too @ Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. Come on in for what I hope will be an eye-opening truth for you!
In class last week we began the root of rage…and one of my leaders shared that many people couldn’t relate to the word “rage” because they don’t consider themselves to have rage, per say. He felt the word was a bit harsh, too strong. Well, that led into a beautiful open-group discussion and following along with the curriculum, we suggested trading the word “rage” for “anger” and then we shared some differences between the two.

Today, I’d like to share the first difference with you that I pray will help you determine if you have any seed of rage planting in your heart.

“Anger is temporary, usually situational whereas rage is ongoing and growing!”

Let me give you an example:  “All of us have gotten angry over something happening ‘in the moment,’ and when the situation is long gone, our anger goes with it. Rage is an over-the-top and excessive reaction having little or nothing to do with what has happened in the moment but more about things from the past.”

Rage is like an emotional pot where every hurt and/or wrong done to you gets added to this invisible pot and simmers and simmers until something else happens and then…poof, it boils over and everyone around gets burned!

So, Coffee Hour Friend, do you have an invisible pot simmering inside of you, or are you able to let it go?

One way to “cool off” would be to laugh! On that note, join us for a Night of Laughter and Squeaky Clean Comedy!

Hope to see you there


Faith Filled Friday

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Welcome back to Faith Filled Friday. It’s good to have you back. 🙂

Yesterday I read something that really stood out to me. It said: “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” These words were a total gift for me. My entire lifetime I have wanted to help people, to be an instrument of love. I noticed at a young age it was the only way I ever really felt good. Seeing a smile on a person’s face was just a beautiful sort of motivation to me.

The more I thought about what I read, the more I realized that it’s not merely good intentions I am stitched back together with, but the very actions of love I have projected by helping my fellow man. I admit that at times I put down something I should have completed so that I could help another. Or I give so much I have little for myself…this can be a flaw, but I will always believe in my heart that God is pleased with me for following my heart in loving other’s…even perfect strangers.

In the end when stitches are pulled from their host we are left with scars that are not only visible on the exterior, but felt on the interior. These scars that span incredible distances and time are in fact the very teachers that carry sisterly lessons. Doesn’t Jesus carry the scars in the palms of his hands and feet? For some reason I find that comforting that Jesus walked, lived and even died amongst us for us. The older I get the more I realize just how special that really is.

Our inner and outer scars are surely reminders into marking and remembering the struggles in life we have been through. For me they are the bookmarks that tag the very chapters of survival through incredible fear, pain and heartbreak; still here, still living and most importantly, still loving. They bear witness in an innate ability to keep from turning jaded or bitter. How blessed I am to not turn to such things despite almost being the victim to it.

I will never be perfect, far from it. In fact I wear that transparency like a suit. And although scars are the bookmarks of celebration that we made it through, every breath of healing eventually brings me back to my favorite chapter of all: “Blessed to be Alive.”



P.S. I shot this week’s picture while in the assistance of a little one that needed some help. These moments are surely gifts when you realize that God himself has trusted you with his precious wildlife. Several birds, ducks, horses, dogs, cats, a turtle & one seriously soft rabbit! All part of one huge blessing! 🙂





Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017


Welcome to Tuesday’s Trench Truth and Invitation, too! Come on in for a moment of truth.

Have you ever learned that your way of thinking was not accurate after vehemently thinking and/or voicing that it was? Oh, I have, Coffee Hour Friend, and too many times to count I’ve been served a nice large piece of humble shortly thereafter. I’ve learned that things are never as they seem and there’s always a bigger picture we don’t see.

The difference between black and white is not gray, but…GRACE!

Being stuck on one side of thinking can do more than lend itself to isolation; it can also leave you rigid and lonely. Everyone is entitled to their way of thinking, so when and if you strongly disagree with another’s way of thinking, don’t be all black, or all white, go in the middle where there is grace and give them some.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been given more than a cupful of grace, haven’t you? Because we’ve been given the precious gift of grace, we need to apply this truth: To much is given, much is required! In other words, why wouldn’t I want to share that which has been given to me…freely?

Join us for a weekend getaway to learn how!

Hope to see you there,


P.S.  Join me Thursday for Coffee Hour Live and Step 10 to Loving the Unlovable at 10:00 PST

Faith-Filled Friday

Friday, May 26th, 2017


Hello and welcome back everyone to Faith Filled Friday and some spring/summer cleaning!


You might find this odd, that I’d bring up and write a blog about a toilet, but this in fact is what I am going to do, but give me a second to explain. 🙂

I have been noticing the ring around the waterline in my toilet get more and more prevalent. I use the brush to wash the inside of my toilet with some cleaner weekly. But that ring bit by bit just continues to grow. Finally I decided to get the old pumice stone and sponge out with comet and target that ring. I attacked it with everything I had knowing they are just a pain to get off sometimes. So as I got into the thick of it, I had this thought come to mind:


How often do we put off the rings of trouble in our lives?


We put it off, and put it off and procrastinate about it, even coming up with things that have a higher priority. Meanwhile the ring around the water does its thing. It grows and grows I started comparing this ring and the cleaning of it to instances of my life where I have put things off until I absolutely had to deal with them.


As I scrubbed that with all my elbow grease I actually found myself really getting into it. It felt good to see one part of that ring completely disappear. When I started, I had told myself that if I must I’ll do it in sections where I’d clean one part one day and then carry on the next day, which I actually have been applying this concept with other things I needed to get done like paperwork.


But as I was scrubbing away I felt a sense of empowerment – I know; you must be laughing out loud and thinking whoever thought you could feel such a thing from getting down in a toilet!


I really started imagining just what could I apply this motivational effort to where I could feel his great feeling. Everything in my life has seemed to become so stale and I do it out of necessity. I want to tackle things with a new vigor. So this week I am going to get into my closet…deep in the mess and see how I feel in that. I want to get more into my transform books despite feeling a resistance of confronting things. I just want to feel the energy more in my life. My back injury and pain can really suck the life out of me so much of the time that I just don’t want to try…anything. So bring on the coffee and the closet, but most of all, bring on the energy that has been dampened by the ring around it. It’s time to clean it up and set it free.


Isn’t that what God wants for us, to free ourselves from the rings that bind us, the ring of fear, the worry, even the tears of pain? Let us take to those rings and face them! In fact let’s ask God to help free us and set our sights high… maybe even the moon.


Wish me continued strength and energy everyone… 🙂


Much love and God Bless!




Thursday’s Trench Truth

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Thanks for joining me today. Grab your break-time beverage and come on in for a moment of truth and an invitation, too!

Do you know someone suffering in silence with sadness or depression? Or someone whose anger rises to the surface in a nano second?  An unattended feeling of hopelessness can lead to a silent infection of anger!

Join us for the antibiotics for hopelessness and anger so you can live a life fueled by hope and dare to dream!

Looking forward to working with you and/or those whom you love


P.S. Join me for Coffee Hour Live today at 10:00 a.m. PST for Step 6 to Loving the Unlovable


Thursday’s Trench Truth

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Sometimes we need a break away to get a breakthrough…

A step back in order to move forward

A different view to understand a point of view

A change of scene to come clean…

Join us for our very first Trench Classes United Retreat! Save the dates: August 4-6th!

Coming soon!!!!