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In addition to talking about the various pieces of junk in our trunk, and how to unpack it, here are a few more of Evinda’s favorite topics she is able to speak about as we all move toward our Destination? Joyful!

I. Resolutions and Relationships
Come learn how to make them, maintain them, and keep them!

II. From Impossible to Possible
Attendees will learn proven ways to allow those tough times to be used for a greater purpose.

III. How to Love the Unlovable/Difficult People In Your Life
In this workshop we will talk through ten powerful steps that will equip you and change you by giving you tool to love those unlovable/difficult people in your life.

IV. Living Outside Your Circumstances
Learn to have an eternal perspective in an external world and break free from co dependent behavior.

V. Forgiveness
Understanding what it isn’t helps us know what it is. Attendees will learn how to receive it and how to give it.

VI. Top 10 Signs of Menopause & How to Overcome Them
Women will learn how to embrace this season instead of embracing the broom, and allow laughter to replace the tears.

VII. Balance of the Mind, Body, & Soul
Many times we function in life out of balance and don’t even realize it. This workshop will give tools to encourage balance and lead you to your Destination? Joyful!™ .

VIII. The Dos and Don’ts of Single Parenting
Learning how to parent with grace not guilt.


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The journey began with one book, formerly titled The Men in and out of Her Life, now published and titled “Back to Single” is the first in the “Destination? Joyful! trilogy and is receiving amazing reviews already. In addition to the Destination? Joyful! trilogy, there also started a “Cup” series, kind of like Chicken Soup for the Chick’s soul. Our first Cup is “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day”, and our next in the series, is “A Cup of Hope for the Day”, scheduled to be released in late October of 2012.  Wow, what a ride. Please join us in this journey by signing the guest book and we can keep you updated on all the twists, and turns!

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