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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome to our 2011 Bachelor series. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So did you see the interview with Brad on The View? I didn’t either but my adopted mom did and she said he really seemed like a really nice guy as he confessed that he just couldn’t honestly propose to either girl his first season because he wasn’t in love with either one of them. The cool thing about all that is he got to unpack some junk from his trunk after he realized he had commitment issues as a result of an absent father. Oh, but there’s some good news, if you want to call it that anyway: he did say that he is definitely in love so he does choose someone this time! Let’s get started.

We have the first date card. “Chantal, how deep is your love?” Hark, there’s a helicopter in the sky and it’s landing at the mansion! I’m twitter-paited already. How romantic. Now they’re in a boat headed for the sea floor. I don’t care how much I want to impress a guy; I so wouldn’t attach a tank to my back, force myself to do something I’m terrified of doing with a helmet on that boxes me in and now it’s me and claustrophobia walking on the sea floor. Oh, there’s Brad to hold my hand. Okay, the scenery is breathtaking. Chantal is in the background saying that the jump she took into the water is like putting yourself out there for love. That’s a pretty good analogy.

Back at the house, the doorbell rings to announce the group date card, Ashley S., Stacey, Lindsey, Britt, Meghan, Alli, Lisa, Ashley H, Jackie, “Let’s put our love on the line, Brad.” Michelle gets the drama queen award this season. As my husband says, “That girl’s got some major problems.” She’s obsessed with being the one for Brad; that’s for sure.

Back to Chantal and Brad. They talked about Chantal’s marriage that failed. As they talk, Chantal reminds us of their first meeting. She’s the one that smacked him right in the face and said it was from every girl in America. Brad obviously didn’t hold that slap against her and he definitely didn’t want the night to end; neither did she.

Now it’s time for the group date which is at “Loveline,” a live radio show with Brad and Dr. Drew. There are nine women on this date and Brad wanted each girl to open up and tell him their innermost feelings. Their roundtable discussion begins and Brad admits he’s never ever cheated before. Then Dr. Drew asked the question, “Who has cheated,” and there was one who raised her hand, Stacey. She gets a point for honesty. Now everyone questions Brad as to what is his type, and he says he wants someone that he can be himself around and that he can form a deep connection with. Dr. Drew confirms that Brad needs to be himself. Brad affirms that he’s in it for the right reasons this time. This part of the date was actually interesting because there was honesty from several of the girls, raw and vulnerable honesty.

Then comes the evening part and now they’re all fighting for his attention. Fear and frustration are what’s driving the evening and it’s really not comfortable watching. Thank goodness, saved by the bell. It’s the on-on-one card. Puke, “Let’s hang out together, Michelle.” Oh, if she would just hang out on the cliff and – never mind. That’s not very nice.

At the end of the evening, Brad was going to give the rose to Ashley, but then in the Jacuzzi, she shows some ugly color and he does a switch in his mind and gives the rose to Britt, all because Ashley’s insecurity did not become Brad’s debt! That’s an Evinda-ism, by the way. He didn’t own her insecurity; nor did he feed it. Love it!

Here he comes to pick up Michelle. Oh, I hope she goes home. Before he takes Michelle, he wants a few seconds with Ashley. He had to talk to her, encourage her not to retract, and of course, Michelle is furious because this is taking away from her time, and a heated argument begins to brew. Oh, good, here they come. Wow, you could have cut the tension with a knife that was caused by Michelle, and she continued to smear over the air as she jerked Brad out of the room. He looked like he swallowed an uh-oh pill. Not good!

So first they go by his place, then a helicopter picks them up and it lands on a building. She’s not taking the news so well, and as a matter of fact, she is freaking out when he tells her she has to rappel down the building. I was just kidding when I said put her over a cliff. It is kind of funny to see her freak, until she decides to take the leap for love. I wonder how much of an emotional high it is, versus falling in love, to conquer your fears with someone you’re attracted with. Dang it! She’s not going home; he’s giving her the rose and he actually thinks she’s an incredible woman. This right there proves this is not the way to really know someone and thereafter fall in love.

Brad talks to his therapist about the expectation of the kiss and how awkward he feels going from one woman to the next and exploring his feelings with the help of a kiss. I’m glad to know he’s feeling awkward about that. His therapist, however, encourages him to continue exploring. It’s time for the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. There’s no point in really repeating any background conversations going on, but let me say this that Brad obviously cares about Emily, one of the few that he didn’t get any type of date time this week, and he planned a little outdoor picnic for them, making it very clear she’s not out of his mind. I love the fact that their relationship is truly the most real and the most pure. Time to go back in the room and figure out who’s going and who’s staying, which means, more commercials@#$%^&*(n That’s probably how they fund all these dates is by all these sponsors/commercials 🙂

Three girls will be leaving. Here we go in the order he calls them: Ashley S., Alli, Emily, Shawntel N., Lisa, ( I didn’t’ see that one coming) Jackie, Marissa (I didn’t see that one coming, either) Ashley H gets the final rose. I thought he was going to send her home for her bad behavior. Okay, so it’s bye-bye Meghan, Stacey,and Lindsay. I have to say, these three were very very mature on their exit interviews.

Join me next week as we continue in this series and find more things that collide with truth and true love. Tomorrow, we’ll pick back up with 2010 WOW rewind with a true story.



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