Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette, The Final Rose

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome to The Bachelorette Finale. Grab your coffee and let’s get to it. There’s mucho drama tonight. We’re off to Bora Bora.

So she recaps the highlights of the two relationships and she admits to having deep feelings for each of them, and off to meet her family they go. Roberto is up first. Here’s an interesting thought that one of my friends just brought up: How nerve-racking it must be for her family, especially because they seem so authentic and not Hollywood! Oops, rewind.

Ali’s talking to her dad saying that Roberto brings her to a peaceful place and he appreciates her social side. “He’s so romantic and he’s – he’s great.” Ali’s mom asked Roberto if he had any questions for her about Ali and he said as her potential husband, what could I do to always make her happy?” How sweet… Ali’s mom spoke Roberto’s language: “I believe that your heart is pure.” I agree with you, Mom. Now it’s Dad’s turn to talk with him. After several years, the tension is a bit thick between them, but Dad does give Roberto his blessing. Confusing, these deep feelings explored via Hollywood, forced to be validated within the sequence of the allotted showtime for the sensation of it all. They sure make it looks like there’s a bigger than not possibility of a future with the two of them. Everything is based on feelings. Puke!

Now it’s Chris’s turn. Here’s another interesting tidbit that another friend just pointed out. When Ali’s with Roberto, she dresses all sexy; when she’s with Chris, she’s more conservative, but she’s herself. Okay, everybody here is piping up with their opinions about Chris. “He’s more sentimental” – this is from a 17-year-old. And then, “He’s more wholesome.” And Steph says, “He really is cute!” Her family loved the fact that he’s from Massachusetts. There were several connections. Both moms – Chris’s has passed – in nursing. His dad used to be a teacher, and her sister and dad are teachers, and Chris himself used to teach math. It’s so funny how they completely separate the two guys as if it didn’t happen. There was a little sad and uncomfortable moment when they asked Chris to tell them about his mom. Chris admitted to trying to keep their relationship as close to a normal progression as possible and admits that their relationship has gone slower than the others, but let’s not forget, it’s slow because it’s on a two-month schedule. I’ll tell you what; her family was definitely more comfortable with and about Chris.

Poor Chris; he looked so scared when Ali’s dad asked him to go outside and talk, but he was rewarded with a blessing if Chris were to ask for her hand in marriage. Overall, Chris fit in better with her family. Could it be that he’s an Easterner?

So the time with Chris ends with her saying, “It’s not about who’s a great guy, because they’re both great guys. It’s about who’s right for me.” So she goes to her family and her dad starts rallying for Roberto. Then her sister speaks and I love what her sister said: “There’s good and bad to falling madly and deeply in love and having the fireworks and romance. Sometimes it doesn’t stay that way so to have someone who is taking things more slowly, I don’t discount it.” She is so right on. Mom understands Chris very well, especially since Chris’s loss of his mom. They all gave Ali plenty to think about, but it doesn’t look like she’s anywhere near a decision.

Now it’s time for some one-on-one time with each of the guys. My goodness I have got to go see the water in Tahiti myself. It’s absolutely beautiful, even with the stingrays floating all around them. Ali says a comment that sticks out like the stingrays in the water all around them: “My fear of trusting someone with my heart, that’s going to be the real fear to overcome,” and, “he’s always been too good to be true.” So they pull up to their private beach with a picnic waiting. Like I’ve said before, how could you not fall in love with it all? And then as if he’s reading my thoughts, Roberto says, “Even in a place like this, if you’re not here with somebody special, then it’s not the same.” She’s definitely more twitter-pated with Roberto than she is with Chris, but I’m thinking she’s thinking it’s too good to be true, but yet she says she feels safe and at the end of the time with him she looks in the camera and says, “I love him. I really do.”

Now it’s time with Chris, and Ali comes in and right away, you can tell something’s going to happen that’s not expected. She admits to being in love with someone else, and she doesn’t want to put him through the whole date day and then the rose ceremony when she already knew in her heart that just because they get along and have so many connections doesn’t mean it’s right to be together. I admire her honesty, and I empathize with her genuine tears. Oh, I pray that Chris’s heart heals. What an amazing guy he is. He tells her, “Good luck tomorrow, and go find out if he loves you.” Well, I sure didn’t see that coming and I don’t mind saying I was wrong. I still feel he was the better choice for her. The way that she did it took courage and it was the more gracious way to let him go. She knows she sent an amazing guy home. He has got to be the classiest bachelor I’ve ever seen on any season. This scene ends with a rainbow, and it hasn’t even rained. Chris knows it was a message for him.

So the assumption is she’s gonna choose Roberto. Does she or does her confusion override it all? And then Roberto’s getting ready for the big event, not knowing that Chris has already been sent home and as he’s putting on his suit jacket, and let me tell you he looked adorable, he says, “I don’t know if I can do this. I only want to propose one time in my life. I have to do what feels right for me.” Okay, is that all for the sake of the theatrics of the show?

Ali is stunning as she steps down on the stairs to go take her place. They’re playing their thoughts and Ali’s loudest thought that is so true says: “I don’t think it’s possible to love someone until you give your whole heart to them.” No, it’s not commercial again? Man, do they know how to soak this for every second!

Ali couldn’t keep her secret for long. Roberto spoke of his love for her and she let him know right away that he was the only one there, and when she got to finally say those words she kept inside for so long: “I love you so much.” And then, she asks him if he would accept the final rose, but she asks him in Spanish.

The connection has been there since the beginning. Here’s to you Roberto and Ali. I hear you’re already making wedding plans.

Have an awesome day and since this blog was so long, I’ll blog tomorrow about the show, “After the Final Rose.”


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  2. Gail says:

    Boy, did we have a few surprises. In the end, I was happy with the outcome. I’m so glad Ali found what she was looking for on the show and it didn’t end with her choosing no one. Thanks for the all the fun Mondays. Good blogging. Keep up the good work. Blessings. <3

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