Back to Single Publication Update-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I have some exciting news for you. Grab your coffee and come on in. It’s another Power Friday with some different information:)

So, the cover is done and I couldn’t wait to share it with you, especially those of you who have been with me since the beginning! I know, I’m like you; I had no idea there were so many steps involved, but then again, isn’t most of what we learn and do a process?

So, what do you think? Please, give me your feedback:)

Have a great weekend


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4 Responses to “Back to Single Publication Update-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Heather Day Gilbert says:

    How exciting!!!! I like it! I like that she looks happy and not all depressed about being “back to single.” And I really like the title! Good job!

  2. Cheryl Shoffeitt says:

    Very cute ,,,young… fresh….honestly I like the first versions just as well…

  3. Tammy Scissons says:

    Love it! Jocelyn so talented!

  4. Jan Bachelor says:

    Wellll, I think it is okay, but Jocelyn would have done a better job on the girl since she looks a little cross-eyed and her mouth is not as beautiful as a Joce Job. The birds are cute.