Chapter 2, The Men… (continued) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power, and thanks for coming by. I hope you had a beautiful Resurrection weekend and that the memories you created will squeeze your heart with joy for years to come. Grab your coffee and let’s go check out Lacey’s attempt at snowboarding!

The weather was perfect with the sun reflecting off the white snow and beating down on them as they made it to the chairlift for their first bunny run on their snowboards. The clouds were big and puffy against a powder blue sky and the mountains were a majestic background behind all the tall trees. Lacey was laughing at herself dragging her snowboard with her goofy foot towards the chair, trying desperately not to fall. A couple of times, Jim had reached out and saved her from falling and then put his arm through hers to help her onto the lift and then off again onto the flat area where Lacey could get her balance as they waited for Doug and Martha. Jim bent down and buckled her into her boot and stood up, accidentally bumping into her and knocking her off balance. He grabbed her to him to prevent her from falling and that is how Doug and Martha found them when they glided toward them on their snowboards. The look on Martha’s face combined with the shade of red on Jim’s face sent Lacey into a contagious laughing spell that put them all at ease as Lacey’s snowboarding lesson began with Jim reminding Lacey not to fear falling; it was a part of snowboarding.

Martha laughed in agreement, “That’s for sure.”

Jim continued “Now, the most basic thing you need to remember is that you will go in the direction that your board is pointed. If you are not perpendicular to the slope and the nose or the tail of your board is facing more downhill, you will begin sliding in that direction, so to avoid that, you need to lean to the left or the right, depending on which direction you want to go.

“Kind of like you would if you were skateboarding?” Lacey asked, thankful for the times she had spent learning how to skateboard with Jake.

Jim smiled. “Sort of, though snowboarding requires more knee action and skateboarding requires more foot action. Now, let’s take your first run. Doug and I will be right behind you to help you. If you get to going too fast and you forget what to do, just fall. It’s better than running into something or someone.”

Jim and Doug were patient teachers, snowboarding behind her, run after run, reminding her to keep her board perpendicular to the slope so she wouldn’t go flying straight down the run, out of control. They were the perfect guides, shouting out signals: “Aim for 10:00”; “Watch out straight ahead”; “Lean towards 3:00. “ Her butt was sore from learning the art of falling and her abs hurt from laughing so much at herself. When Jim suggested they stop for lunch. Lacey was starving and jumped at the chance to get off her butt and board.

After lunch, Doug and Martha took off to snowboard on the intermediate runs and Jim took Lacey back up to the bunny slope. Lacey was feeling more confident now and though snowboarding was more difficult, the thought of trading in her snowboard for skis was exchanged for the exhilarating feeling of boarding down the slope without falling, the sun smiling down upon her and the wind at her back.


On their way home, they stopped for dinner at Two Guys From Italy Restaurant and the combination of good food and great company continued to put Lacey at ease as they exchanged snow-barding stories of the day.

“So how’s Jake doing?” Jim asked.

Lacey’s face lit up at the mere mention of her son. “I miss that little guy. He comes home from his dad’s tomorrow. He seems to be adjusting to all the changes life’s thrown at him, what with Peter leaving and his dad, Clint, being diagnosed HIV positive.”

Doug and Martha looked up and Jim nearly choked on a bite of his Egg Plant Primavera, trying to hide his shock. “I didn’t know. I’m –”

“It’s okay,” Lacey interrupted. “Actually, we found that out right before Peter left, so he was hit with kind of a double-whammy. But then, moving in with Doug and Martha was good for him, especially since he got to be with his best friend.”

“It’s been good for Adam, too,” Martha offered. “You should see the two of them. They’re like the Super Mario Brothers,” which brought forth laughter as they talked about a trip they had taken to Solvang last Halloween, how they had dressed up just like the Super Mario Brothers to go trick-or-treating, and the whole trick-or-treating experience.

Doug joined in, commenting on Jake’s musical talent. “You should hear this boy on the piano, and he’s never even had a lesson. We’ve spent many evenings with me on the guitar and him on the piano.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing,” Martha chimed in. “I’m glad someone’s using the piano. Neither Adam nor Angela took to the lessons we paid for so it’s been sitting there for years un-played.”

Lacey smiled thinking of some of the fun memories she and Jake had been granted after so much pain.

Well, this “casual” date is turning out pretty good, despite the awkward moments, and there were a few of them and yet, Lacey doesn’t seem to notice that her openness can close others off and scare others away. Join me tomorrow as we finish up with this “casual” date and get back to other aspects of Lacey’s life.




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3 Responses to “Chapter 2, The Men… (continued) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Quite the little adventurer, this Lacey. She has a real need to feel the endomorphs of trying these new things. Makes you wonder what is missing and what she is either chasing or running away from. I will just wait and see. Hummmmm?

    Love, Nanny-Mom

  2. Cirilo says:

    wow this is a bunch of info you have!

  3. Schneiter says:

    I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thanks , I’ll try and check back more often.