Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power-Here’s how I’d like to thank YOU…

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thank you so much for stopping by. I’ve been looking forward to sharing what we’re going to talk about today all week! So grab your coffee or whatever you’re having, and let’s get comfy for a few….

So on Monday, I shared with you some exciting details about our site and the fact that we actually have a rating with Google, and that’s partly because of YOU! In addition to having a rating with Google, we are getting closer to Pat (editor) taking it to Trident agency. In fact, it’s only 150 pages away, (probably 4-6 weeks) so I want to say thank you for continuing in the journey with me.

I was trying to think of how I could put a “thank you” into action, and I think I’ve got it. I recently finished a blog series entitled “Loving the Unlovable/Difficult People in Our Life,” and was blown away by some things that many of you shared about some of the unlovable/difficult people in your life. There were also a couple of requests for a seminar-type get-together focusing on the ten principles that I shared. Well, that’s how I’m going to say THANK YOU! We are currently looking for a location to host a FREE “Loving the Unlovable/Difficult People” seminar and it will be video-taped so you will also be a part of the live taping! I’ll also have a little something-something to give everyone at the end of the taping. I’m so excited. It’s going to be lots of fun!

So if you’d like to be a part of this FREE live taping of “Loving the Unlovable/Difficult People in YOUR Life, please contact me at and let me know you’d like to be counted as one of the hundred that we have space for.

The other thing that I promised you was a sneak preview to book 2, “Seen & Not Heard,” so without further ado, enjoy the summary of the second in the series of “Destination? Joyful!” series.

Main plot: The theme “seen and not heard” is something that keeps coming up for Lacey in her daily life. At first it’s a negative thing for Lacey who continues to have flashbacks from her childhood, and behind those flashbacks, her mother’s infamous words keep echoing: “Children are to be seen and not heard.” But as life keeps escalating, Lacey is learning that this doesn’t have to be a negative thing, but rather there is more truth in the statement than she realized, especially as she works in the courtroom, where she literally is to be seen and not heard. And as she begins to listen to The Voice,” she begins to develop a true relationship that teaches her how to forgive. Through forgiveness, she begins to understand that the gift of Grace is also seen and not heard. No longer is she haunted by those words, but inspired by them, as she strives to live a life that is seen and not heard.

Have an awesome weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday, Memorial Day!


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7 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power-Here’s how I’d like to thank YOU…”

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks for the sneak peak. 😉 It’s gonna be a good one. Have a great Memorial Day weekend too! Blessings.

  2. Sherrie says:

    It’s going to be another great book. Is one seminar going to be enough? 🙂
    Loving Hugs,

  3. Gay Hardy says:

    Please save me two seats, I’m coming….can’t wait to hear all the great things you are going to share.

    Love you Peanut

  4. Boyce Tesseneer says:

    Thanks for the article it was really exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Anonymous says:

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