Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette…

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to The Bachelorette. I think we’re in for some major drama, so grab whatever you’re having and come on in so we can get started. We are headed for Portugal.

We’re down to five guys. As Chris says, this week is big and there’s a lot on the line because the four guys that get roses will be bringing Ali home to their families. Of course they’re in an amazing hotel with a one-of-a-kind view and the date card is already on the hall table. Roberto is the first lucky guy and the card says, “Come be the King of my castle.”

Yeah Roberto for dancing in the streets like no one is watching. But as Ali reminds herself, “life isn’t a fairy tale.” She sure is giddy with him; they can’t seem to stop kissing, and I’m afraid she may feel like it’s too good to be true. What it boils down to is she, as well as many of us women, aren’t used to guys that are that genuinely nice, and Roberto is really nice.

Frank and Ty get to go on the group date and Frank is really climbing out of his skin. Come on, dude, you knew all of this before you signed up. But when she goes to pick them up, she’s a bit out of sorts, not so comfortable. I’ve seen many of these two-on-one dates, but for some reason, this one is the most uncomfortable. The sweetest moment so far is when Ty discovered a deer on the way up to another castle. They all sit down for dinner, and suddenly, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, so let’s have some wine. Now she grabs Ty to talk one on one. He’s a pretty mature guy, and he’s been down the road of marriage before and wants it again, and he answered all of her questions and concerns but I don’t think she is really satisfied.

Meanwhile the guys are back at the hotel and there’s another date card. It’s for Kirk and the card says: “Once upon a time…”

Now it’s Frank’s turn to talk one on one with Ali. She’s obviously more comfortable with Frank than she is with Ty, and there was definitely a different chemistry. But then he tells her something pretty profound. He is currently living with his parents and doesn’t have a job, what a hard thing to admit. But in his defense, he’s pursuing his dream of screen writing. He was so relieved to get that off of his heart and mind. Ali’s comment to him later: “You’re everything I wanted and everything I fear.”

So now we’re on the date with Kirk and she admits to being preoccupied. They are cute together and if she could just stay in the moment, I think she’d discover that they could be good together, but she’s not staying in the moments very often. She’s really taking this all very seriously, on one hand, and on the other, she’s showing the true reality of this kind of soul-mate searching. It really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! It creates a whole new tension out of its time, but then again, that’s Hollywierd, I mean Hollywood.

So she has a romantic dinner planned on the rooftop of the palace. She looked amazing. Kirk really has an honest intention. I love what he said when she became emotionally vulnerable and admitted she was worried that one day she wouldn’t be good enough: “I’m not falling in love with the idea of you; I’m not falling for the concept of love. It’s because I genuinely care about you.” Wow, what important life lessons he’s learned through the adversity of sickness. Now he knows who he is, an important asset to bring to any relationship. He is now able to put his life into perspective. Before his personal adversity, he didn’t think he deserved to be with the people he was with and he didn’t believe he deserved to be happy and experience happiness. But now he knows different. He knows he deserves love and he deserves Ali. What an amazing ability to communicate. Usually when there are serious conversations, people become a bit uncomfortable, but not so with these two. Ali finally relaxed. I vote for Kirk!

Meanwhile, there’s a knock on the door for the final date card. “Chris, love gets better with age.”

Back to Kirk and Ali who are now getting serenaded by some amazing musicians. There’s an emotional connection for sure, but is there chemistry? I think there could be. I like their foundation better than any of the other ones because an emotional connection is much stronger, more important than a physical connection.

So she meets Chris and takes them over to their ride, which is a moped. Now that’s okay for some, but Chris has never ridden a motorcycle, let alone a moped. They went as slow on the scooter as their relationship was going. Now in normal circumstances, slow is good. Why is it we want a microwave speed put on the possibility of a relationship? Ali is no exception. It’s almost like she wants the microwave popcorn recipe for this relationship with him. Okay. I’ll get off my soapbox.

Now Ali’s driving and suddenly they’re moving way faster. The scenic route was beautiful and their laughter was contagious. You should have seen the emotion fill his face when Ali asked him what his mom was like. Chris is the one who lost his mom just a short time ago. Ali admits that his walls are finally coming down but it might be a little too late. Well, I vote for Ty to go but we’ll see. The date ended amazingly more comfortable than it started.

Wow, it’s time for the rose ceremony already. I think it’s because we get a Vienna and Jake update. Like we really need that? DRAMA!

The first one to get a rose is…Chris. Yeah. His honest vulnerability paid off. Frank is the next one. Sweet, though that just may be a mistake. Third one up is Roberto. Now it’s between Kirk and Ty. It’s gotta be Kirk that she chooses. Here comes Chris to tell us it’s the final rose. It’s way too Hollywood. They get paid the big bucks though, so that’s probably why they drag it out.

Finally, the fourth and final rose goes to….. Come on already…. Kirk. The good-bye with Ty is bittersweet. He admits to having some unbelievable feelings, but I do feel she made a good call there. She really took it hard, standing there with big puppy dog eyes, standing in the rain. It must not have been cold there. Wow, Ty was way bummed, but I think he’ll be fine. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next bachelor…

Okay, so I’m debating if I should even blog about this update of Vienna and Jake. From the previews, it’s hard to tell who’s lying, who’s acting and how to separate the Hollywood out of it is nearly impossible, but since it’s part of this show tonight, let’s go for it. So here’s Chris.

“Their relationship was controversial from the day they got engaged so it comes as no surprise that the breakup is equally scandalous, fueled by fans and Jake and Vienna themselves.”

Jake’s side of the story first. “I’m still processing all of this.” So according to Jake, before he left out of town for his newest movie deal, he came home and he was on the cover of five magazines. He’s having a hard time believing that she could do this to him.

Here comes Vienna. According to her, their relationship started changing about a month after they were dating – you mean engaged, right? “He was crazy about me and from there, it started going downhill. It was only a relationship out in the public,” but as Chris says, her accusations go much deeper than that. Like accusing him of emotional abuse, temper issues and when Chris confronted her about these accusations, she back pedaled a bit.

“Why did you take it to the tabloids and make it even more public?” Chris asked her.

“Well either way, our relationship was public.” You mean to say, Vienna, I needed the money. Oh, that’s not what she said. Sorry. What she said is that Jake never let her have a voice and she wanted to beat him to the punch because she wasn’t going to let it happen again, her being without a voice. Isn’t the reason there was so much controversy regarding their relationship because she really did have a voice, too much of a voice? You can so tell when she’s not being honest.

Jake interrupts her. “I’m so mad at you. You sold me out to a magazine for payment and then flirted with me all weekend.” Here comes the dirt. And he has text messages to prove it.

Ooh, she just called him a fame whore. Okay, I can’t keep up with all the flying insults. She swears there’s no infidelity and no cheating. I’ve got to refrain from calling her a liar. That’s not nice. And to say, “I told you so” to Jake isn’t nice either. Like he wants to hear that?

OMG, Vienna got 90k for her interview in which she shared such intimate details. When asked why, she keeps saying is I knew he would do it if I didn’t.”

Here’s the best part of the interview: “Jake, what did you love about Vienna that day when you got down on your knee?”

“She was at that point supportive and loving and very trustworthy and witty and quick and she challenged me and was very entertaining. I mean there were so many things.”

“And Vienna what did you love about Jake at that time?”

“He was genuine, compassionate and he was fun to be around. You know when I was around him, I enjoyed being around him. After the show was over, that went away.”

Now we’re arguing over who broke up with who, and to be honest with you, there’s a huge maturity gap that could never be filled, and they jumped on the crazy cycle and love and respect were not anywhere near their relationship.

Wow, what a different picture, quite a disturbing picture as a matter of fact.

“So let’s talk about moving forward,” Chris says. “Is there any part of you that wants to apologize for anything to Jake?” You could literally smell her brain burning

“I am sorry that I went about it the way that I did, but” – oh, that’s a no-no. Never say a positive and then negate it with a “butt.” –“I know you, the real you and I knew you would do it if I didn’t.”

Well, that was real genuine….

So when Jake starts to defend himself, she interrupts again, for about the 100th time and he yells at her. Hmmm, was that a bit of his true colors coming out?

Poor Vienna, the only thing she could do in response to getting yelled at was cry and get up and leave in hysterics. “But stay tuned, the Jake and Vienna interview will continue momentarily”…

The door’s closed and she’s behind it sobbing. When Jake was asked his opinion of what just happened, he said, “Unfortunately, that is what our arguments look like.”

As Chris says, it is what it is and you have to embrace what happens for better or for worse…”

I’m thinking there would be fewer broken hearts if this program wasn’t on, but then, I wouldn’t be able to blog about it….

Talk to you tomorrow.


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82 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette…”

  1. Gail says:

    Oh my, talk about drama. I have to admit, I do love it just a little. It is so far from reality, just a little escape for a couple hours on a Monday night, which has become a ritual with a really good friend. We laugh and joke, and maybe even write a word or two. But it does make it more fun to watch with a friend. Hmmm, I’m thinking a finale party. Want to come?

  2. admin says:

    Oh, most definitely….. We better start working on that!

  3. Lauren says:

    well well well this bachelorette hasn’t been as fun for me because she is so guarded it isn’t as fun to watch because the connections aren’t building at the normal rate this show usually generates! 😉 but it is respectable and necessary that she is taking so much into consideration about the “show” a lot of prospectives put on, instead really trying to feel them out as to who they are at home every day. That is great but unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be getting too far. I don’t feel like I know any one of them enough yet. Just thinking her current mind state could also be sort of dangerous because she may not stay in the moment long enough to see the “right” one that could be in front of her face while she is so caught up analyzing their every word. Just a thought. Am excited to see how it pans out. I think Chris is the most safe answer but that he isn’t interesting enough for her. Frank is very sweet and obviously into her. They definitely have chemistry. I’m not sure if the fact that he is so worried about the other guys is a great quality showing that he really takes love seriously and this process is making him sick or he is really insecure… we shall see. I think Roberto is a good choice because he has such a good mix of “nice guy” and “romantic” which is making her so confused in disbelief! 🙂 but if he’s for real, he’s very goofy like her & I think they would make a good pair. I think she definitely has self esteem issues around him though which might put a halt to their deep conversations for fear of turning him off. That is the only problem I foresee as a possible deterrent. Of course we know those deep conversations are what progresses your relationship. Kirk seems to be great at communicating. Kirk does seem like he’s learned a lot in life which is awesome… BUT honestly for some odd reason, I feel like he is a constantly working on himself for some & not b/c he wants to, but b/c he has to. Something screams too much dysfunction for her. She is so confident and knows who she wants but also has insecurity issues and I think the two might feed their little bit of dysfunction into a great deal of it!!! haha Just saying 🙂 Wow I wrote you a book! enjoy!!!! lol

  4. admin says:

    VERY interesting thoughts…… I’ll be thinkin about them next week:) So good to have you at the site:)

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