Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette-3

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to The Bachelorette blog. There are 14 of them left, so I’m sure there are lots to talk about, so let’s go get comfy and chat girl stuff.

So the show opens up with a one-on-one date with Roberto. Okay, here’s this helicopter that comes down and swoops them off their feet, up, up and away. Come on, who wouldn’t have butterflies and mistake it for falling into something? But here’s the positive thing about the helicopter ride. Ali’s afraid of flying, so it’s cool that she’s really trying to overcome her fears. Isn’t this her second flight this season? And then walking together on a tight rope, holding on to each other, Ali wanted to see how they would interact in a stressful situation. She was definitely on to something there, but I don’t think a stressful situation is always self-induced and adventurous, but in any event, they conquered and even kissed without falling.

Then the group date is the recording of the music video. Poor Frank, first one up and he gets to be slapped by her Ali not once, twice, not just three times, but nine times. Weatherman is freaking out because he gets to kiss Ali and literally asks her if she’s uncomfortable, to let him know.  It was actually painful to watch how uncomfortable he was and how he couldn’t pull it off. Ali felt bad for him so she pulled him in and gave him a really good and passionate kiss, her words! Kirk’s scene with Ali was in a bed, and I’m sorry, the way they were rolling around, it didn’t look like not acting was going on to me. The cameraman had to tell them “cut” twice!

Then they get to go to an amazing wrap party where we get to see and hear a little of what’s going on in their heads, which consisted of three main ingredients: insecurity, arrogance, cockiness. I am completely amazed and disappointed at how the weatherman is turning out to be quite annoying and less better looking than when he started. Kirk, on the other hand, has definitely struck a spark in Ali and she in him. That’s going to be interesting to see if the sparks fan into a flame. The sparks were too much for the guys and they jumped in the pool. And then Rated R (Justin) hobbles several miles to win her heart, which the façade worked. She fell for his ploy.

I’m telling you, he’s playing her. There’s something not genuine about him. Hmm, he shares with Ali that he didn’t have a father figure in his life, manipulating the situation to make himself look good. But that just explains his shady character. Why do I say that? Well, because he had an absent father, he was not raised with the frame that fathers provide to their kids in their parenting of them. So there are several things missing within, a few holes, if you would, in his character known as character flaws.

Now the one-on-one with Hunter was more realistic, but because there wasn’t a strong romantic connection, she couldn’t give him the rose. She did say one thing that I agree with: “If we can’t feel it here, I just don’t think we can’t feel it anywhere else.” With all the money and efforts spent on these dates, and all the ambiance provided, that’s a pretty reasonable assumption. The problem is too much emphasis is placed on capturing that “romantic” feeling and not enough time is invested in becoming friends. Bye-bye Hunter.

I do think her and Chris L had a connection. He strikes me as a genuine kind of guy, and still protective of his heart. I think he’s safe for a while. Steve was assertive in bringing her outside for a little champagne out on the lawn. So the guys don’t like Rated R, either. I’m thinking their male intuition is probably right on, but I love how he came out there and heard them talking smack about him. Not too comfortable. And poor Frank, the one who had the first one-on-one, coming out of his skin as he watches her kiss every one of the other guys.

Hark, Justin’s cover up about being a martyr is uncovered and if he could have slid down off the couch and under it, he probably would have. Craig really exposed him. What a difference an hour makes. He started the cocktail party confident he was getting a rose and by the time Ali left to go do her thinking, he was second-guessing himself.

She comes out and starts the rose ceremony pretty confident and very determined. Such a different picture than the one portrayed of her kissing all the guys, girlish and flirtatious. The winners of the roses: Chris L., Jesse, Chris N. – I don’t think I’ve seen any real interaction with that one – Ty, Casey, Craig – smart choice, though I don’t think they have a good connection – and finally, Frank gets chosen, No she didn’t choose Jonathan! OMG, yes, she did. Final rose: Justin. Unbelievable. I guarantee you this; she’s going to be so sorry……

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s blog.

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