Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette -4

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to the Bachelorette series. This is the fourth episode of this series, and with them all leaving the mansion and having to pack their bags and travel around the world to fall in love, this is sure to be interesting, to say the least. So grab your coffee, or whatever you’re having and let’s go talk about the bachelorette and all her bachelors. Trust me, there’s a lot to talk about!

First destination: New York City. Oh, how lucky for them. I loved, loved, loved New York City. Ali looked adorable but she had a blond moment within the first five minutes; “traveling with someone is how you get to know everything.” I’m not kidding; she really said that. I mean you do learn about them, but it’s not like she’s living with them, and let’s be real, what could be so bad about traveling to New York City, where even the rudest of people are tolerable? She went to Andaz for a makeover. Like she needed one? Come on! She was absolutely correct that everyone in New York is incredibly fashionable, so no wonder she was a bit intimidated. While being madeover, the artist asked her about the guys and the first one she mentions is Kirk, calling him amazing and then next came Roberto who she admitted to being smitten with. Chris L is a really fun guy. Frank is the funniest guy.

Casey got the first date. “Let’s do what comes natural,” the card said. Another helicopter? Kudos to Jake for helping her over come her fear of flying. But there’s not a spark in her eyes. The sun was setting and the setting was beautiful. They were seated in a park, though not Central park, and all of a sudden, Casey starts singing to her. I have to tell you, it went over like a fart in church. You should have seen the look on her face. She looked like she had indigestion, so incredibly uncomfortable. It was really uncomfortable to watch. You could tell from her eyes and what she said with her mouth, that he was feeding her a bunch of lines from a fiction story. I liked the way she told him, too, very gentle but honest, and the truth, though brutal, was told and I thought he was out but she let him stay.

Next date is with seven guys. “Let’s play,” the card said. They got to experience Broadway with the Lion King. These guys were hilarious, doing the dance choreography, especially when it came to moving the hips. The singing got really interesting and not in a good way, until it was Jesse’s turn that is. Now, he could carry a tune. Roberto definitely was a better dancer than singer, though he did sing with heart, so much so that she reached out to him when he was done. So they were all vying for a evening date with Ali by competing on stage. And the winner is….. Roberto, but hark, it’s not a date alone, but a date with the Lion King on Broadway with Ali. They were actually amazing, truly! Something tells me that won’t be her last stage appearance.

But wait, there’s Jonathan in the background, kind of like an irritating fly that won’t stop buzzing, completely annoying. The weatherman can’t handle the storm! Especially when she announces that she’s not giving a rose and Kirk was going to walk her to her room! She was obviously so into him as he tucked her in and kissed her good night. And he didn’t overstay his welcome but instead kissed her good night and blew out the candles and left. Gentlemen, he’s a real gentleman!

“Birthday boy, let’s take a bite out of the big Apple!” But then she was too sick to go. Chris L. was disappointed, but such a good sport and truly concerned about her.

Then the big drama with Casey taking off and disappearing and where does he land up? A tattoo parlor so he can have a shield with a heart. Oh, is he going to regret that when she sends him home.

So back with Ali and Chris L. who comes to her suite with flowers and chicken soup, and just hangs out with her and by evening, she’s actually feeling a little better, good enough to go out for dinner where he really opened up about his mom, and the significance of a rainbow for him. He’s such a family guy. So endearing, and then Ali pulls at her hair, actually gets a few strands and tosses them on the floor. Anyway, Chris gets a Rose, and they get serenaded by Joshua Radin and choir. Now, that was powerful! Talk about ambiance igniting the romance…

Casey comes back with his tattoo but lies and says he got a burn and went to the hospital. He was actually a good liar, scary.

Now the cocktail party preceding the rose ceremony…. Is that the weatherman strumming the guitar, trying to sing and claiming to be a singer/songwriter, declaring he’s back in the forecast? Where’s the puke bag? And Casey was having an anxiety attack, probably brought on by his lies. Some of these guys have really bad intuition.

Now we’re finally at the rose ceremony: First one called, Kirk. Good choice! Second, Frank. Okay, the spark is still there. Third, Craig. This is an interesting order. Fourth, Chris N, the guy we did not see or hear from and we know absolutely nothing about! Okay. Fifth, Roberto. But the way she looked at him is definitely different. Sixth, Justin. Oh, I think you’re gonna be sorry, Ali. Seventh rose goes to Ty; he’s such a nice guy. The eight rose, the final rose, goes to….Please be Jesse… No she did not just call Casey’s name! OMG! Unbelievable! Well, after all, she’s not feeling well. And they’re off to Iceland!

Come back next week for the fifth episode.

Be blessed


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166 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette -4”

  1. Gay Hardy says:

    Okay, so we had our own little episode called THE PURSE last night which completely distracted me and YOU from watching the first hour of the show…I don’t have that fancy recording device that you have…but was able to dial into the second half…
    Watching all this unfold, what happens EARTHQUAKE…..scared to death of these things, I was so distracted watching the show…but I just can’t seem to get into Ali this season…she seems like she is not into the show much herself…or she is just pretending. Anyway, I watch, can’t quite figure out why I watch, but I think it’s a girl thing…or a wish that I once had of going on some magical date in Rome. I’m still voting for Roberto…something about his manners, the fact that he plays baseball, and not to mention that he is very good looking….

    Have a great day Peanut…your purse is on it’s way 🙂 🙂

  2. Gail says:

    Ya know, I just want the show to be done already. It’s fun, but sometimes agonizing to sit and watch this show. But, I can’t stop now, gotta see who she picks. I think it is going to come down to Roberto, Kirk, and Frank.

  3. admin says:

    I totally concur on all counts!!!

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