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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the drama of “The Bachelorette.” Grab your coffee or whatever you’re having and let’s get started. You know I love to do a blow-by-blow synopsis for you. Oh, by the way, we’re having a Bachelorette finale party at my house so let me know if you’d like to come!

It’s hometown date week, pretty serious stuff. First stop, Roberto’s hometown of Florida. He’s very much into family and their approval. How cute, they’re running to each other. She’s into him. Wow, what a beautiful college campus and he kept saying, “This is awesome; this is awesome.” And he has a surprise for her. He used to play collegiate and pro baseball, so he takes her to the field and the dugout and gives her a baseball jersey with her name and his number, 19! And then he comes running out in his old uniform and yes, he looked…. Let’s just say he was definitely a 10! Smart move, Roberto, she was totally having a good time. She’s actually not a bad player, either. As she said the date had all the elements that she wants in life: being outdoors in the sun, staying active and having fun. And then he gives her a baseball card of him from her hometown… Hmmm, there’s definitely something about that that we should pay attention to.

So they were talking about his family, and I definitely saw a hint of vulnerable insecurity when she admitted she didn’t know if they were going to like her. She’s really nervous about being accepted – that’s the greatest need in all of us. Wow, I didn’t realize Florida’s so pretty at night. I don’t remember it being that glamorous. His mom looks amazing,  more like his sister. Oh, how his dad really loves him. He asked Ali some pretty pointed questions. Roberto says, “The most important thing is that I have that feeling.” He asked his mom in Spanish for her blessing and she gave it. And dad says, “Follow your heart and you have my blessings.” The night ended with a salsa dance!

Next was Chris’s hometown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Wow, that’s a beautiful place that I have to go visit now. Okay, so my little Baraka is on her bum barking at Chris’s dog. It’s so funny. She’s like talking puppy language. Okay, back to Ali & Chris. Now, Chris is the one who lost his mom, so this is sure to be emotional. Wow, his home is what Stephanie terms a typical Cape Cod home. It’s really beautiful. Oh, the picture of his mom, he looks just like her. I’ve always liked Chris and as he talks with her and shares how he smiles just when he says her name, I am definitely thinking he’s a strong possibility for something amazing with Ali, but so is Roberto. As far as the other two, NOT! Wow, he has such a great relationship with his dad, who gave Ali a little kiss on the cheek. One thing I’ll say for Ali, is she’s so natural and not all made up. Wow, Chris’s relationship with all of his family members is strong, affectionate, close and genuine! Then they noticed that Ali was wearing the bracelet that Chris gave her, and Chris’s sister showed her the one she wears, which used to be her mom’s and then his dad recited what was engraved on that bracelet: “Love is the only reality,” and then he added, “And that’s our family’s slogan.” Chris’s dad then told Ali how he and Chris’s mom met. And Chris was mom’s firstborn, and there’s no relationship like that of firstborn. Dad cried when they left. Their relationship definitely took a giant leap forward. Stephanie, my Bachelorette buddy, doesn’t believe she’s going to pick him. From watching the previews, I’m thinking she will, and Frank’s needy self is gone!

Greenbay, Wisconsin, Kirk’s hometown, Wow, he was so excited to see her. Their first stop is his dad’s house. His dad is a bit strange, and even Kirk was nervous at the thought of their interacting. Dad’s first question to Ali, “Ali, would you like to go see my basement?” Is that creepy or what? You should of seen the look on Ali’s face. OMG, there’s all these dead carcasses on the wall. He does taxidermy work. “How many would you say you’ve done?” Ali asked ever so cautiously. “Oh, thousands,” he boasts. Not a smart answer! You are definitely not helping your son, dude. I love Ali’s response: “I love animals, but I love them when they’re alive.” And then he opens a huge freezer with frozen animals, “like popsicles, and other treats.” The guy was nice enough, “warm, kind and caring guy,” as Ali states. His dad actually has some wisdom and admits that he got it from the mistakes he made in his first marriage: “Before you give your heart away, go through the logics. Are you compatible? Is she going to be doing things with you versus you doing your thing and she does her thing?” Then off to meet his mom, his grandmother, and his sister. Kirk was so happy to see how the women in his life interacted with Ali and Ali with them. His sister asked him, “So what do you like about Ali? “She’s magnetic.” And here’s another interesting comment: “I’m ready; I haven’t hidden anything from her.” Then his mom shared with Ali about his sickness and the Armstrong bracelets that they both wore and how she fought for him during the sickness. And the really cool sign, the day he took off for California to start this show, her bracelet had snapped off her wrist. It was a sign that he had found his wings and was headed toward a new beginning. Now she didn’t say that, but I said that. He’s got such a good relationship with his mom. It reminds me of my own relationship with my son.

Now we’re in Chicago, Illinois with Frank. This is the guy who’s given up everything to pursue his passion, including his own place. He lives with his parents. She looks amazing. They’re seeing the city of Chicago via a boat and it’s really pretty. So they start talking serious and his neediness really comes out through his honesty. He analyzes way too much and he’s coming across a bit too insecure. “I can’t figure you out,” she tells him. Well, let me tell you my thoughts, Ali. I think he’s a bit of a time bomb and definitely having second thoughts exploding inside and threatening to outwardly erupt. The family meeting was so welcoming and genuinely warm. He and his family laugh a lot, but suddenly things got serious when Mom took her outside. Boy, Ali didn’t hesitate when Mom asked her is Frank is possibly the right person for her. Her answer was a very quick yes. Dang it, I’m thinking she’s gonna keep this guy around. They have had some serious chemistry right from the beginning, but I don’t think everything has come out just yet. His sister put it in a good way: He seems so happy and yet, he’s making himself so vulnerable that he gets scared. You know, I don’t fault Frank for his analyzing it all; perhaps if there was more of that going on, there would be more success with the couples who always seem to be breaking up. There’s still a little something nudging me about him and I can’t put my finger on it.

So we’re back in L.A. and it’s time for the rose ceremony. So we’re listening to her recap her experiences with the guys and their families, and after Ali says about Chris, I’ve taken the biggest steps forward with Chris, but I’m just wondering if it was too late,” and Steph voices her agreement and says, “He’s going.” Overall, she feels scared, and definitely not ready to send one of them home. I’m thinking that Stephanie’s right, and she’s going to send Chris home. She’s crying big time. I just remembered a couple of other previews they showed last week, and they showed major drama with Frank, so that means he’s staying, cuz the preview hasn’t happened. She’s crying as she tells the guys that her decision has nothing to do with their families…

Roberto gets the first rose. Chris gets the second one. Holy tolido, you should of seen Stephanie’s mouth drop. OMG, it’s between Kirk and Frank, so Kirk is the one going. Wow! Kirk looks mad. Hey, Chris Harrison never came out to tell us it was the last rose! Now, that’s a first. Another first, Kirk has always been the one to end a relationship; it’s never been the other way around… He’s strong and will land back up on his feet again, and may his heart be restored soon.

Next week, they are going to Tahiti, Cheers…


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