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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to The Bachelorette blog. Grab whatever you’re having and come on in. According to the magazines, we’re in for some more drama tonight. Speaking of which, if you’ve read Us or Ok magazines, I have to tell you they’re not into reporting the truth; however, People has been known to be pretty accurate. Having said that, come on in.

We’re going to Tahiti; oh don’t you wish we could be there? Just a few seconds into the show, we get a snapshot of who the drama’s going to involve and it’s Frank. I knew it. See, People reported this several weeks ago – I wonder if they got in trouble for doing it too early – but they spilled the beans about Frank returning to his fiancé. On with the show.

Chris is our first focus and he is ready for love and I’ve got to tell you he’s been one of my very favs since the first night. The camera is now on Roberto and they have undeniable chemistry and even something else that the magazines have reported but we’ll have to wait and see. Wow, he says something powerful: “Open up completely and take the chance of being hurt.” Yep, that’s what love is about. Next the camera goes to Frank, who admits that they have a connection that’s fun and romantic. “But there’s something holding me back”… Her name is Nicole, his ex-girlfriend. He is desperate to go to Chicago to see Nicole to confirm that he’s not in love with her before he goes away to Tahiti to completely fall in love with Ali. Now, that makes a lot of sense, huh? But then again, he’s trying to clear his conscience and make sure that his heart is in the right place. He just wants to make sure he has somebody!

Now he’s walking his way to Nicole. He knocks on the door of a hotel. So this has been set up and prearranged, interesting. Okay, so he’s with her right now and the tension is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. His ex-girlfriend has questions written all over her face and admits she’s not over him. “I wanted to see you to see if we still had that spark we had before.” She says, without you, I’m just not happy; I don’t feel complete,” and on and on and on. “You need to come home,” and he nods his head in agreement. Oh, my, Ali’s gonna be hurt. This causes me to question the validity of this show big time!

Wow, Tahiti is beautiful; “absolutely magical, the perfect place to fall in love,” as Ali says.

Puke, the overnights are this week, aka, the fantasy suite night. First up is Roberto, the baseball player, pardon the pun.

Back up in the air she goes with him. She really is getting over her fear of heights and maybe a bit over her insecurities too. She’s definitely more comfortable with him. They land on Tupai Island, the most beautiful little body of water shaped into a heart. OMG, I’ve gotta go there. I want to see Tahiti, too! How could you not fall in love? Okay, Roberto, there is no such thing as a perfect person. Now come on, get her off the pedestal, but just maybe she’s perfect for you, maybe. Back to Le Teha for the evening part of their date to finish off with Roberto, who really wants to open up to her but admits to not being good at opening up. “I thought it was important for you to know, you know, that I’m falling in love with you.” If smiles could light up the room, that room would have become the brightest room.

Oh, yuck, here comes the invite to the fantasy suite and Roberto looks surprised and a bit shy, and all he can say is, “wow.” Roberto’s excitement at the opportunity to get away from the cameras and be alone with her was sweet, not sexual! But then of course the stinking camera goes right to the bed. Ugh, why do they have to include this soul-tie making into this? It just breaks my heart because it does so much more damage than good. Oh, if I were the producer…

Next up is Chris and they’re going on the biggest catamaran and exploring the beautiful waters of Tahiti. After a picnic lunch and small talk, they are getting ready to jump off the catamaran, and it’s a ways down, trust me. They’re like happy kids together, good friends. I think she’s less mesmerized with Chris but it’s more of a real relationship to her and for her. I’m thinking Chris will still be standing. How cool is that; they keep opening up oysters and finding pearls and they even found a black pearl. It’s night now and she is definitely dressed as sexy as she was with Roberto. They take each other’s hand and walk across the lagoon, through the water to a secluded beach for an amazing dinner. Seriously, how could you not have butterflies and “feel” like you’re falling? He admits to being able to see himself with her forever, and then she pulls out the fantasy suite card. Chris is funny, I really like his sense of humor and the sparkle in his eyes when he’s with her, he’s like a little boy in a candy store. He’s so innocently genuine! “With love, you never know when you’re finding it until you’ve found it.” And then the curtain slides across the window and you’re left to imagine what’s going on. I would so love to be a fly on the wall to see how they are with each other when the pressure of the camera is off of them.

Drama, here we come or is the drama coming to us? Oh, that’s right; I’m the one blogging. So Frank came to Tahiti to tell Ali that he’s leaving to be with his ex-girlfriend. Unbelievable, what they do for viewers! So he talks with Chris first and admits that his old feelings for Nicole came rushing back and when Chris asked him how he left it with Nicole, he was honest. As I look back, he definitely hesitated, held back and we all thought he was a whiner. Who would of thunk it was the feelings for his old girlfriend that kept him from completely jumping in? I hope this is a lesson learned for the producers, like make sure you put them through a lie detector about past relationships and being over them! Honesty’s the best policy, but sooner than later would have been nice. He looks pretty tormented, but then again, self-inflicted.

I wonder if Nicole’s watching as Ali talks about this date with Frank is probably the most important because their relationship has been all over the place. He hasn’t even told her and she’s crying. She suspects something, rightfully so, but never was she prepared for the “unresolved feelings for an ex-girlfriend.” When she asked him since he was having all these feelings all along, why didn’t he say anything to her, he honestly didn’t have a response. He stuttered and stammered on stupid. Now they’re both crying. Wow, this is Hollywood at its best. She’s really crying a lot and is left to deal with the pieces of her broken heart, washed away anticipation of what the day would have could have been like and the shattered dream of a future with him. So I guess we don’t need a rose ceremony, huh?

Interesting, when she’s talking to Chris about it and venting it, she said an interesting comment: “He keeps himself in the game, hoping he’d get over her.” A game, did she just call this show a game?

What? There’s going to be a rose ceremony? “This isn’t about me giving you a rose; it’s about you accepting it,” she reminds herself. Yes, Ali needs to hear their acceptance. She needs to be sure that they’re sure. And they accept and they both truly are sure that Ali’s who they want to be with…

Make sure to come back next week. We’re gonna hear the Bachelors tell all, and then the following week, we’re going to Bora Bora to meet Ali’s family.



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