Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power-The Bachelorette, after the Final Rose

Welcome to coffee hour at Chicklit Power and welcome back to “The Bachelorette after the Final Rose.” We’re going to find out what’s been happening with Ali and Roberto since that happy ending in Tahiti. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So Ali comes out onstage. She’s beaming and of course she’s sporting a heavy ring on her ring finger. But before they bring Roberto out, they want to clear up some dirt about Frank. So they rehash the painful scenes with Frank and Ali, and it’s hard to watch Ali watch herself on TV as she’s crying. When it finishes, Chris Harrison says, “It was a wild emotional day,” and then he asks Ali a question that I want an answer to as well. He asked: “Do you really think he was or is in love with Nicole or do you think he just took the easy way out?”

Ali says he definitely had a relationship that wasn’t finished with her before he came on the show. The only real negative she said was that she thought it was extremely selfish of him.

And then Chris asks the million dollar question: “If Frank hadn’t done what he did, would you have given him a rose at that rose ceremony?” What do you think the answer is? My girlfriends and I all voted yes. But let’s find out. “I have no way of knowing that, and yes, I did, a part of me, believe that he was going to meet my family,” but because she tried to take it one day at a time and she didn’t have that one-on-one day date with him, she truly doesn’t know.

Then Chris Harrison drops another bomb. Frank’s not coming! He was supposed to be here tonight to face Ali, and Chris said that ultimately he wanted her forgiveness, but unfortunately, he has backed out and chosen not to face her. Ali’s shocked and she actually looks a bit disappointed. She says that that is even more selfish. When Chris asked Ali if she forgave him, she didn’t hesitate. She said yes, she did forgive him.

So with a smile on her face and a ring on her finger, she goes off stage and now, here comes Chris, the one who got sent home. Will he be the next bachelor?

Many thought Chris would be Ali’s husband, so let’s hear what he has to say. He admitted to being surprised at the turn of events that last day. Nothing like adding salt to his already wounded and broken heart by showing the footage of her sending him home; that’s torture! Like Chris said, it hurt the first time, and sharing that moment all over again with everyone watching is indescribable.

Chris’s character was proven again when Chris Harrison asked her if he had any anger. Chris said, “That’s the thing, it just ended up that she had two great guys in the end and she loved one more than the other. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I think she just felt more strongly about someone else.” The good news is he admits to being ready to find love again.

Now the two are going to see each other for the first time since that horrible day. The tension mounts and here comes Ali with that winning smile. The silence is a bit awkward as Ali is getting settled on the couch next to him, and then Chris Harrison asks Chris if he has any questions for Ali. All that Chris wants to know when he sees Ali is if she’s happy. I wanted to melt. What a guy. “Oh,” he says, “and there is one more thing: What did you learn from us and the show?”

Ali turns to him and says: “I think you helped me learn a lot about what I’m looking for. I think I just learned a lot about love and about having respect for others. I really had a lot of respect for you.” Chris thanks her for sending him home before spending another date with her and causing his heart to fall harder and deeper for her. Then he tells her that one of her greatest qualities is that she thinks of others. Out of nowhere, Chris Harrison asks: “Why isn’t it you two?”

Ali smiles again. “In the end our friendship was stronger and we can continue with that.”

Then they showed the rainbow that Chris had seen as he was leaving, and Ali had seen it too. It had touched her deeply, especially because she remembered Chris telling her that before his mom had passed, she told him to look for her in every rainbow. So as he steps away from a woman he gave his heart to, he looks up and the woman who still holds a huge place in his heart beckons him. It was such a powerful and bittersweet ending of love, love for a woman who couldn’t love him back, and love from a woman he will always love, his mom.

Chris’s closing statement to Ali is: “Thank you so much for taking me on this journey and I’m so happy that you found love because that’s what you’re here for and you got a great guy.”

Now it’s time to allow the couple their first public appearance. But first we get to look at the final rose ceremony where they profess to their love and he says he wants to share his life with her. And as he bends down on one knee, he asks: “Would you grow old with me?”

When they were asked what’s been the toughest thing from proposal to now, they both said not being able to be together and share their love. There are many changes for both of them. They are setting up home and business in San Diego. Roberto is already there and set up, waiting for her. They’re going to move in together 🙁 and they are contemplating a spring or summer wedding. Roberto tells Chris, “Outside of the glitz and glamour, I genuinely want to marry her.”

They both agree that they’re not going to rush, but they’re going to start living their normal lives now that the secret’s out. But wait, there’s more fantasy because the show is sending them to the island of Catalina in a helicopter, which is literally waiting outside for them this very minute..

Hmmmm, there’s no news about a new bachelor? Could it be because of the new show called Bachelor Pad which, in my opinion, looks quite trashy? And by the way, I don’t’ think I’ll be blogging about that one 🙁 I am, however, looking for something else of media relevance to blog about, so if you have any idea or requests, please contact me at

Please come back and join me in the morning as we get back to some reality with the friends/friendships series.

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