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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the blog series on The Bachelorette. OMG, so before we start with tonight’s episode, get your drink and let me fill you in on the latest with Jake and Vienna, who are no more. Come on in….

So the news flash is out, like we’re so surprised, NOT! Jake and Vienna have broken up. Jake interviewed with People Magazine and set the record straight. Apparently she was very threatened by his overnight Hollywood success and was consistently insecure and causing fights. Also, he suspected her of cheating on him. So why did he waste his time? Why is it that all of us could see it coming but he couldn’t? I’m sure it was a hormonal thing, strictly based on attraction first, not friendship. Funny, we talked about that on Blog Talk Radio yesterday! Okay, so let’s go check out Ali’s drama.

Holy smokes, so here we are in Turkey, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. My friend who I am watching this with just informed me that this is one of the largest party places in the world. Hmm, who would have thunk? And I thought it was religious! Wow, what a lot of people and incredible architecture, and Ali is seeming to be a bit more optimistic than she was last week, but truthfully, some of her sparkle has fizzled. “I don’t think anything could go wrong at this point,” she says.  Hark! There’s a knock on the door. Chris is at the door and needs to talk. “There was something that was brought to our attention…” OMG, a former cast member, Jessie contacted Chris and gave him some information that he felt she needed to hear so Chris dials her number and gets her on the phone.

Ali looks totally shocked and scared. She listens as Jessie tells her that one of the guys there has a girlfriend. You should have seen the look on her face when Jessie told her it was Justin. I freeze-framed it and wow, she’s catching a lot of flies and her eyes are as big as saucers. Poor Ali… I tried to tell her he was all wrong. And, hey, what about when People Magazine wrote the article over three weeks ago about this dude having a girlfriend. Oops, but that’s not the only drama. There’s more that was told in the article, but I wonder how much gets spilled tonight. Okay. I’m un-pausing it now.

So back to the conversation, the girlfriend is actually put on the phone to talk to Ali. And boy, does she spill her guts. This guy Justin planned this a long time ago. What was his goal? To be in the top three so he could get his foot into the entertainment industry, all the while assuring his girlfriend that he’d come back for her. Sick. He’s completely and utterly morally debased. And the fact that his show likes to air this drama I’m thinking does more harm for them than good. It’s really hard to say who’s telling the truth. Maybe it’s all for show biz!

Here comes the confrontation. Oh, darn, it’s commercial. Oh, that’s right. I get to fast–forward it. Betrayal is such a bitter pill to swallow. She let him have it in front of all the guys and let him know that she was on to him and had received a phone call from his girlfriend. He got up and walked out so the cameras followed Ali as she went after him. Like the guys said, if Justin had anything to deny, he would have sat here like a man and defended himself. Justin dug his own grave. So much for rated R! He ran from her but then came back. Here goes. I can’t wait to hear this. He’s had some time to think up a good one.

Puke, his lies aren’t even worth writing. He’s got LIAR written all over his face. So Justin leaves with no honor and no integrity. What’s even more pathetic is they replayed the messages he left his girlfriend while leaving the beautiful city of Turkey, talking about how much she means to him and how he realizes he wants her to be his wife. OMG, like could his grave get any deeper.

So back to the program, Ty’s got the first one-on-one date. They do seem to have some chemistry. But chemistry without friendship is a dangerous thing and almost always takes you to ground zero. And to steam things up a bit, they got to take a Turkish bath. Did you know that the Turkish baths were where businessmen came to conduct business. Who knows what kind of business, interesting. And that’s exactly what the kiss they shared looked like, a business deal. He was definitely more into her than she into him.

Red flag: They were having dinner and he asked her what she liked about him. After she flattered him about how good looking he was, and then said that wasn’t the most important, she went on to say, “To start off, I’m looking for a feeling.” Oh, my heart is breaking! Love is not a freaking feeling. Love is not a noun, but a verb. Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. Sorry.

Okay. It’s the group date and the date card said, “Love conquerors olives.” So they wind up on a 15th century fortress, but it’s unbelievable what they were made to do for a little one-on-one time. They have to fight for it. Here comes four oiled-up Turkish guys, huge Turkish guys and they strike a pose, hands on their hips with their game faces on, aka, ticked off and highly annoyed. Ali begins by telling her guys that “Olive oil wrestling is a professional sport here in Turkey, and you guys are going to be wrestling them.” How gross is that? What a waste of good oil! Chris is up first, who winds up on his back within seconds. Next is Kirk who doesn’t last much longer. No one won with the Turkish oil wrestlers so what happens next? They get to wrestle each other. Poor Craig, a lawyer who admits that the only way he knows how to fight is with words. But hey, he beat Chris and it came down to Roberto and Craig. Here goes. Craig actually won. He was determined!

They had a good time, finally a step forward. This was his first opportunity to have her to himself.

Frank gets the final one-on-one. What worried all the guys is that this is his second one-on-one. They go to the Spice Bizar, how bizarre! And then they go to a Turkish clothing store and then to a carpet shop? The place they went for dinner was amazing. It was cave-like, a cistern surrounded by water, the candlelight dancing off the water and rain dripping from the ceiling, and the chemistry is thick. Her sparkle is back.

It’s cocktail party time and my bet is on Kirk going home. Ooops, we’re not having a cocktail party. Nope, she knows what she wants to do. Chris gets the dirty deed of going and telling the guys that there’s not going to be a cocktail party tonight. They all looked just a bit nervous when it hit them that this was it. Somebody was going home. Frank and Ty already had a rose, so they were safe. If you’re ready, here’s Ali….

The first rose goes to Roberto. The second rose goes to Chris. Here comes Chris to tell us it’s the final rose… “Kirk, will you accept this rose?” Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. Neither did the rest of the guys. Ali’s final words to him: “I just think the romance was missing between us.” Oh, does she have lots to learn.

Come back next week as we travel to Portugal, and yes, there’s more sad drama, but please come back tomorrow for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I can’t wait to share with you something I learned from a special five-year-old….



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2 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power- “The Bachelorette” Ali”

  1. Gay Hardy says:

    I’m having a hard time watching this show for some reason….it’s so fake!! Well, they are all fake, but some are better actors than others.
    Is it just me? or does Ali have really bad acne? It looks as though her whole chin is a big zit!!

    Anyway…I watch because it’s a girl thing to do and it’s the only thing on!!

  2. admin says:

    I’m with you. It seems to be getting less and less authentic:)