Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power – The Bachelorette

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and our Bachelorette series! Get your favorite drink and let’s go and get comfy. The show’s about to start!

We’re in Iceland tonight. Viewing it through the eyes of The Bachelorette is probably as close as I’ll ever get there, but then again, who knows. It’s just too cold for me. But it sure is extremely beautiful, from glaciers to volcanoes to beautiful architecture. And then the news that they have to compete for the one-on-one date by writing Ali a poem and they got extra credit if they used Iceland words, but they only had an hour to do it!

First up was Craig who actually did a good job. Next was Kasey sporting a new tattoo and acting a bit obsessive, and Ali doesn’t look too thrilled to see him. He mumbled so badly that they actually had to have the subtitle going as he recited his poem. Ty was funny. Justin came next and then Roberto. Chris L’s was really short and then Chris N. kept forgetting his lines as he tried to do it by heart and bombed. Kirk really did the best and I hope he wins. Frank did pretty well too. And the winner is Kirk… And we think women get jealous? Wow…

Date with Kirk. Ali describes him as having good energy, infectious with a joy for life, upbeat and positive. So off they went to explore the local culture by shopping in a sweater shop. How cute is that? They walked out wearing matching sweaters. And then off to feed the swans. “So tell me something about you that I don’t know.” That’s when she discovered that he hasn’t dated anybody for more than a year, and she felt as though he was holding back.

Wait, there’s a knock on the door. Is that a date card? It sure is, for the group date. After names were recited, the only two not named were Justin and Kasey. They would be the ones going on the two-on-one date. The one who didn’t get the rose would not be coming back to the house. Man, if looks could kill, they’d both be dead.

Back to Kirk and Ali. Again, she says, “I feel like he’s hiding something.” Well, he opened up and shared about a serious illness that he endured. He went on to describe all the horrible symptoms, many nights wondering if it was his last night. He was poisoned by mold and stayed sick for a year and a half and overcoming it has changed his life. That explains his yellow “live strong” bracelet. “I get so lost in you and it feels so good to be me with you and you accept it.” He’s definitely genuine, nothing like Kasey who’s back at the house freaking out about how to figure out how he’s going to show her his new tattoo, and he started rambling and talking and I’m thinking, do you need a ba-ba? Get over yourself.

Ali and six guys out on an adventure. Standing there in the midst of six mini horses ready to greet the guys was Ali. Ty helps her up and she does great. Ty was everyone’s helper since he was practically born on a horse. And then they come to a cave and decide they’re going to go on down. So Chris L went first, and then Ali came down and then the rest of them followed. Our Bachelorette wanted to explore so off they went. Thereafter, they experienced an amazing sunset.  The whole date seemed rather dry and uneventful.

Then she takes them to the Blue Lagoon, a lake that is said to have healing properties, and is magical with steam rising in the chilly air. All mouths dropped and eyebrows were raised when she took her clothes off to reveal her bathing suit and they all got into the Blue Lagoon. Ty and Ali snuck away for a couple of minutes, and then Ali got Chris L away for a few minutes where he professed to being himself and hoping that she liked who he was. The sparks didn’t seem to fly during that kiss, though. Finally Frank got his time with her, and then the coming together for the rose. Ty got the rose and the light in Frank’s head finally turned on: “I’ve got to fight for her.” Yeah, dude, I’m thinking that’s what she’s asking.

Now for the drama two-on-one date with Kasey and Justin. And they’re off to fly again. Wow, she’s really gotten over her fear of flying, huh? They got pretty close to the erupting volcano and then they landed right on it! And then back in the helicopter to fly over to a glacier. Inside was an actual ice table and bench and Ali pulled Justin aside to get to know him a little better. Then time with Kasey, and she prefaces it with “the only thing that Kasey has to do today is be normal.” She started to share that with him and he cut her off, because he’s so pumped up about what he’s done to show his heart for her. “Thank you, Kasey for being you,” and he so didn’t get what she was saying in that message, especially with her eyes and body language. Then they’re all walking back toward the helicopter, and suddenly she stops. “Wait.” The silence was as thick as the ice. I’m thinking that none of them are gonna get a rose and they’re both going home. But I was wrong; she gave the rose to Justin but she didn’t seem happy about keeping him, either! I know she won’t be; at least that’s my thought. There’s something about this guy I don’t trust!

At the cocktail party, Frank was assertive and grabbed her first to be alone, definitely some chemistry. Talk about a sultry look. The guy’s got it bad. Craig grabbed her next. Finally, we see them one on one and he really puts himself out on a limb. He had a mock tattoo that looked close to the one that Kasey was so proud of. Then we see her with Chris N. someone we’ve not heard anything from, and we still don’t because every question she asks him, he doesn’t seem to have an answer. They guys are watching from afar and determining from Ali’s body language that they were only gonna be friends.

Chris L talks more about his strong tries to his family in the few minutes they share. Back outside with Roberto and they hug immediately. Ali admits that she would have never approached him first. “Why?” he asked. Because I would have thought that you were too hot for me. Even beautiful Ali has insecurities.

So now Ali’s off to her room to figure out who gets a rose and who doesn’t. So before she comes back, here’s my take: Everyone but Chris N. gets a rose. Let’s see if I’m right.

Ali comes clean with her fear: “I am almost positive I’m going to fall in love here and I’m terrified I won’t be loved back.” Thank you for your honesty, Ali. I found another statement she said rather profound, a bit deep: “I’m gonna be strong by being open and vulnerable! She’s right; it takes strength to be vulnerable, and not let fear be such a controlling factor in her life.

Ty, Kirk and Justin started the rose ceremony with a rose. They were safe. First one up: Frank. Next is Chris L. Third receiver of the rose is….Roberto. Only one more rose. And the final rose goes to……………………………………………………………………….Craig…. Nice!

So tonight was pretty much a no-brainer. I mean this guy is so shy and quiet and can’t seem to hold a conversation because of his nerves. He’s such a sweet and nice guy and as she said, she tried so hard to see if she could learn something about him, but she just couldn’t get there! Now he gets in the limo and has all kinds of words and expressions. A little late to come out of your shell, Chris N…You really did care.

Now off to one of the oldest cities in the world, to Istanbul, Turkey…. Join us next week.

Have an awesome day and be sure to come back tomorrow for some more on the 3 Ds.



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