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Welcome to our Coffee in Cabo series, and thanks so much for joining me! Grab your coffee and come on in. I want to share a couple of Cabo experiences with you. I know I was going to start a new series with you, but I got to thinking – that’s dangerous – I’m in Cabo and maybe I should share some culture with you!

So grocery shopping in Cabo is always a highlight for us. We go to the locals’ market called Sorriano, and if I have to compare it to something back in the states, it’s kind of like a Super WalMart, sort of. One of the differences is the customer service, especially at the butcher’s counter, or the deli department. It’s the place where chorizzo is hanging in long ropes; there’s at least 20 employees behind the counter, so happy to help you and helpful, very helpful. Another thing that’s really different from our stores in the states is the way they handle meat. At Sorriano, the chicken and fish is just, like, open for anyone to touch! No worries; I’m not buying any of that stuff! And if I would have had my camera . . . 🙂 Never mind!

But my favorite part of the whole grocery shopping experience at this huge grocery store is watching my husband go to the Mexican bread department with his round metal tray and a pair of tongs, looking like a little boy in a candy store. He just loves picking out his favorites. Oh, and then there’s the line we have to wait in for the homemade corn tortillas sold by the kilogram! Oh, now those are some jamming tortillas.

When we get back to our one-bedroom place on the beach, George cooks us an amazing breakfast, chorizzo and eggs and tortillas, of course! The music of the ocean in the background serves as our amazing ambiance. What a great place to read the Word and have some coffee. 🙂

After getting caught up on what’s happening at our resort, we relaxed by the pool, and I got to read for a couple of hours, uninterrupted! Oh, I had no idea I was in such dire need for some serious R&R!

We took a walk into town, which is the marina, aka, the boardwalk. It’s a great way to get a little exercise in our day. As a matter of fact, according to George’s pace counter on his phone, we walked over three miles! Our original plan was to go into town and get a mani/pedi, both of us. I was so excited that George had agreed to do that. The last time he agreed to a mani/pedi was on one of our anniversaries! Well, we got a bit sidetracked so we never did get that mani/pedi, but maybe tomorrow.

Here’s what happened. Where we entered the marina, we see a cluster, a big cluster of pelicans gathered, and people too. Oh, that’s right; this is the place where they cut up the catches of the day from all the fishing trips.

Usually, I am not able to watch this, because it’s a bit bloody, but I stood there mesmerized with my hubby as the pelicans waited for the scraps from the butchering of the fish, and the men doing the butchering, well, they obviously aren’t phased by the smell or the sight of all that blood. 🙁 I bet you’re glad I don’t have my camera with me! 🙂 What a thing to have to do for a living. Whew! After watching two, what used to be beautiful, Blue Marlins get completely cut up, I had to leave. Whew, was that ever a pungent experience! 🙂

A little siesta and we were ready for the Playa Grande Mexican Fiesta – is there any other kind? The Emcee was incredibly funny and George and I got a great abdominal workout in with all of the outbursts of laughter. I’m telling you, he was very entertaining and did a great job of enlisting the audience’s participation.

Our first full day in Cabo, and we are enjoying ourselves quite a bit. Here’s a few pictures and tomorrow, well, I’ll have to share what happened when we went to visit the tigers!

Thanks again for joining me for Coffee in Cabo


P.S. I’ll take more pics 2morrow. I’m still trying to remember how to load them on here because I am a bit techy challenged! 🙂 I so wish I had a camera on our grocery shopping trip. Hey, who cares if I look like a tourist. Am I really gonna see these people again? LOL

Me & My Bff

Coffee Anyone?

Indian dancers at the Mexican Fiesta

a view from our patio
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2 Responses to “Coffee in Cabo-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Evinda, your haircut is so cute! And sounds like you’re having a blast! Enjoy that R&R, writer girl! We all need some from time to time!

  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    Boy those tortillas sound so good. So cute you two are and how deserving of this respite. Received the prayer request about the book snafu and held it up for the hand of God to move on behalf of this glitch! Hugs and kisses to you and Georgie and keep laughin’ and dancin’.

    Love Ya, ME