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I’m so glad you’ve stopped by Coffee Hour today. Grab your favorite beverage and journal and join me for a subject that tends to turn our heads the other way mine included, until a perfect stranger passed my way.

It seems that most corners of any given street we are faced with many that stand needing help of some sort. My husband has always had a heart to reach people in all walks of life. I never questioned his acts of his love towards a stranger, but my first reaction was sometimes doubtful. He would remind me of my skepticism and that as we give we are doing it unto the Lord.

Mark 9:41 clearly says “For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink in My name,” so there I was put to the test, unannounced, unprepared, and unpredictable. We finished eating at a popular fast food establishment and upon leaving a young man came through the door at the same time. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to ask him if I could buy him dinner, as my husband stood with an understanding look in his eyes. Sometimes God requires actions from us in order to see if we really do hear Him and will be obedient.

I approached this young man, carefully and introduced myself and asked if I could buy his dinner. He agreed, but was a little hesitant. He mentioned that he was just coming in to get some water. We spoke briefly, and I asked him if he knew Jesus as His Savior. He replied, “Yes, but I am no longer serving Jesus; I am a backslider. But I know God cares for me because this has to be a divine appointment!”

Who would have thought? Who could orchestrate such a moment… but God!

In Leviticus 19 this chapter begins with God speaking to Moses and addressing children of Israel, saying to them: ‘You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” The list of laws, better known as the “10 Commandments includes many laws pertaining to relationships, from honoring parents, to including loving the strangers. Because the Lord is holy, and because human beings are made in the image of God, we are called to emulate God’s holiness and to do so by acting with mercy and love toward our fellow man. We are commanded to love the stranger, the foreigner or outsider in one’s community.

Who is your neighbor and who is the stranger? How are you showing them love? Is it with a cup of water, a hamburger or maybe just a prayer?

I am so thankful that He never take His eyes off us, no matter where our lives takes us in a day, whether it’s at a restaurant, grocery store or taking a walk He always prepares the way. My prayer for us is as His children that we allow our eyes to see and ears to hear His voice in order to meet others where they are. We often walk by many who are desperate in their souls; let us slow down a bit even spiritually so we may hear the cries of those who are in need of His love! He certainly has a plan for each of us, and our steps were ordered long before we awoke this day. Let us have a heart and a love like His Matthew 9:35-38. Help us to let go of our own skepticism, and trust you, in order that you can complete the work in the lives that you have placed in our paths, for You are Holy, and your love is far reaching.

This weekend ask Him to guide you, regardless of what you may be doing, to help you to be watchful and see how and who He directs you to. You will soon find how it will sharpen your heart and make you more sensitive to the needs around you.

Have a great weekend and remember…keep Him close to your heart!


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