Faith-Filled Friday

Welcome back to Faith-filled Friday!

It has been some time since I have been able to take to physical yet heartfelt dance. As I was out on my morning hunt for a picture to take the other day, I found one and grabbed it, well I grabbed several. As I squeezed the button a few times, the thought of dancing crossed my mind. Not the type that is upon dance floors in nightclubs, but more the kind that goes on between things in nature.

When I took this picture of the sun with the palm tree, it just seemed to really prompt a movement within me. I started thinking about all the distance in between and yet they are still connected. Some might think because the sun is 92 million miles from earth; that it has nothing to do with a simple palm tree. This photosynthesis effect of growth from so far away has always been most mind boggling to me.


It suddenly came to me that perhaps I am part of the equation? Maybe God has created the very curiosity within me. Perhaps this curiosity and enjoyment of appreciation is the dance floor for that warming and life-giving sun to create a sort of photosynthesis of being grateful enough to receive it on a spiritual level. Perhaps the palm tree that is considered a weed yet so beautiful and brilliant in the wind is the proof of life I am still here despite depression and heartbreak. Perhaps the fog between the 2 this morning was the light filter that let me grab such a photograph without one drowning out the other.

Is God in this natural fog filled light filter? Did he know I would get something from it and share it with others? It amazes me the countless ways in which we can absorb such beauty and gifts from a higher power, yet to so easily be missed.


A dance never happens by chance. It is never appreciated and enjoyed because we are required to love such a thing. These things that happen all around us that are in sync in one way or another. We lose the ability to not only appreciate but ultimately even notice them because we are not able to always see them due to the craziness and buzz of the world that never seems to stop. When you stop and take the time to just notice, to let yourself be the dance floor for such beautiful things to dance upon, it brings such a peace and harmony that opens us up more to the other things like birds singing, worms burrowing, flowers opening to the morning sun and even the early fog that just might have been sent for me to take a simple photo to share and talk about with you. All while the sun and palm dance within me in peace, in harmony.


I have prayed for so many years since my accident for God to let me not only dance once again but run. Perhaps I didn’t get to do that on this particular morning, but that sure doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this other dance that happens daily in so many things, especially within. The day will come when I break through the shackles of pain and dance down the street looking weird, but it won’t matter because I’ll dance as if no one is watching…


Much love out to each and every one of you, my friends,


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