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As part of my freedom journey, I have learned to accept my imperfections. I was raised to be a
perfectionist and the fear of failure has always been a trap for me. A year ago I learned that failure is an
option. The first time I heard that I wanted to scream “excuse me?! Failure is never an option!” I’ve
since learned that it is an option because I am imperfect; we all are.
The prophet Isaiah knew a lot about failure. In Chapter 5 he proclaims his visions and the judgment of
God for what the Israelites were doing. The imaginary is quite gruesome. In Chapter 6 he sees the holiness of God and becomes aware of his own imperfections. I can so relate to what he must have felt,
maybe you can too. One thing’s for sure: It’s quite startling when you see yourself in a different way;
wouldn’t you agree?
How can this be freeing, you might ask. It is the absolute definition of freedom for me because for once
I don’t have to be right, know everything, or be everything. I can be me and allow the Holy Spirit to
unpack for me what I am in Christ. The realization released me from self-doubt and the paralyzing fear
that comes from doubting everything that I did. The weight of that burden was gone!
Don’t get me wrong; we are all held accountable for our mistakes and wrongdoings but the freedom has
come in realizing and accepting this truth: I don’t have to live there! I don’t have to live there. I can
move on and forgive myself…love me as He loves me!
How do you see yourself? Do you see flaws that you wish were perfect? Do you hate your reflection
because you don’t like who you see? Accept that you are not perfect and ask Him to show you who you
really are. For me, I had to learn to accept His love because I didn’t think I deserved it because I wasn’t
perfect enough. I am enough; you are enough!

In the freedom journey,


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