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Take Him at His Word!

Welcome to Monday’s Mantra and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. I’m so glad you could join me today. Grab your coffee, or whatever your favorite break-time beverage is, and let’s talk about change.

When I say the word “change” to you, what comes to mind? Do you tense up at all, or does your heart kind of skip a beat, or tighten? Can you tell I’ve experienced so many side effects from the challenge of change? I used to wonder what it would be like to be able to embrace change, to ride it like a surfer rides a wave, sort of like poetry in motion, or to be unmoved as a branch abiding in a tree on a windy day. How can one go through change without allowing our faith to waiver?

Recently our church announced it was changing its 50+ year-old name and when I talked with one of the associate pastors about it, he gave me a great example: When God was doing a new thing within the Biblical giants, and wanted to establish a new identity, He changed their name: for example, Abram became Abraham and he went from “high father, prophet” to “father of many nations.”  His wife, Sarai, (dominative, my princess) became Sarah, which translates to “mother of nations.”  Simon, which means “God has heard,” became Peter, which means (a piece of) rock, i.e., stable, firm, steadfast in his faith. Then there’s Saul, which translates to uproar, as in destruction, who was changed to Paul, which means “pause, desist, refrain,” i.e., a man of self-control!

But in order to receive their name change, their story had to change; God had to do a new thing.

It’s no different today. For our stories to change, we have to let the Author do the changing, the re-writing and the editing for He owns the copyright! We must take the risk and take a leap of faith by taking God at His Word. His promises never lie, never fail and never bounce and they’re all for our good!

So when change comes your way, do you want to ride the change like a pro surfer, looking like poetry in motion, abiding in Him as a branch on a tree on a windy day? Find a promise in His Word and make it yours! Begin to take Him at His Word!

Bending like a branch in the wind…



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