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“Someone’s inability shouldn’t become my disability”! Oh, those words are ringing in my ear right now as they make their way up from the crevices of my soul. These are words I said just a couple of weeks ago on Coffee Hour Live. And I thought they were for all of you! I’m sure they were for someone out there in computer space, but as I’m sitting her mulling over a personal situation, the echo of these words brings me to my knees in humility as He reminds me of the responsibility of living what I share.

So what exactly does that mean, someone’s inability shouldn’t become my disability? Well, I can honestly give you several examples that I’m confident will shed some light on and in any of your relationships that may be causing you to grit your teeth, or hurting your heart.

Someone’s inability to be honest with you, or me, face to face, should not leave us disabled in our own ability to be honest. What do you do when you hear through others that you’re the subject of conflict, and even gossip? Isn’t it hard to sit there and do nothing? Doesn’t the thought of doing nothing cripple us, rendering us disabled in that relationship?

We have two choices when this situation arises, and it almost always does:  We can either face the conflict by going to the one who created it…in love, or we can let it go. The latter seems to become the disability! If we can’t just let it go and it is taking up space in our mind and heart without paying rent, then perhaps there’s some truth to the conflict that we need to own. Sounds hard, huh, and even terrifying? But the good news is there is freedom in both of these resolutions!

Here’s a big one: understanding. Someone’s inability to understand me should not give me permission to hold onto their inability as my crutch of disability. We expect those closest to us to get us, to almost know what we’re thinking when we’re thinking it!  The truth is the longer we stay in our own head doing the math and coming up with the same equations/answers, the farther we spin away from the solution to the problem. But don’t we do that a lot, assume a lot of things, including what we think they’ll say if we approach the problem which is definitely now bigger than when it started because of the inability to go there?

How unfair is that? Whenever I share something with my husband that I just can’t hang on to anymore, the relief I feel can be likened to a helium balloon whose air is let out suddenly. While the balloon is empty, so is my soul of misperceptions and resentments.

Let me give you a couple more examples: Someone’s inability to stay sober, free of addictions, happy versus depressed, negative instead of positive…should not cause me to become unlovable, which is a huge disability!

Oh, may I concentrate on my own disabilities for only You, Father, have the power to turn them into abilities!



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