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Have you ever told a lie? That is one of the questions on a sales assessment test. If you answer no, you are lying. If you answer yes, you are a liar. The best case scenario…you are an honest lair!

Welcome to Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power and Megan’s Monday Mantra with Trench Classes United.

When I was the age of five, my mother decided it was time to teach me about the consequences of dishonesty. One morning at breakfast she said, “Megan, do you know God knows every time you tell a lie?” “How does He know?” I asked. She answered, “because every time you tell a lie, there is a light that blinks on and off in Heaven.” I had to take a few moments to think about that … and then I asked, “Mom, do you ever lie?” “Of course not!” she proclaimed. “Mom,” I replied, “I think there is a light blinking on and off in Heaven!”

A comical childhood memory, yes, but not without thought-provoking implications. What is the difference between a half truth and a white lie? Are we able to speak the truth if we are not able to be truthful with ourselves? Can we be totally honest without sacrificing the feelings of others? Does saving someone’s feelings actually save them from the truth?

I am currently studying “Speaking the Truth in Love; How to Be an Assertive Christian” in my Stephen Ministry class. Speaking the truth in love means being genuinely honest, direct, and open when relating to others. Assertive behavior is built on the principles of respect, truth and honesty. We are called to be honest with God, ourselves, and those with whom we love, live, and work. When we express our thoughts, feelings and preferences, in an honest, direct, and respectful manner, we empower others to do so as well. The Christ-centered, assertive Christian is one of wholeness and integrity; a person whose words and behaviors are consistent with his or her beliefs and values – a person who accurately reflects on the outside what is on the inside… a person who lives his or her truth out of love and respect for God, themselves, and others.

I pray, Dear Lord, that we may grow and blossom into this kind of Christian, so that our behavior may bring honor to You and to the whole Body of Christ.

But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head – ChristEphesians 4:15

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