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Did you know that one of the Hebrew translations for the word “truth” is “an unveiled reality”? Thanks for joining me today for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Tuesday’s Trench Truth with Trench Classes United. Come on in for a moment of truth that I pray will become your unveiled reality.

Have you ever been at a party and they broke out the limbo stick and suddenly before you knew it, you were in line and it was getting close to your turn to twist and contort your body into some form of a pretzel so it would go under the bar without touching it? And when you made it through that first time, you breathed a huge sigh of relief and began planning how you would twist and contort to get under the bar this next time around which would be harder because it was lower, right?

Well, when someone lets us down, do we fall down, like we do in that limbo line when the bar is just too low, or do we get up and rise above the hurt and disappointment?

If we don’t rise above it, is it because we don’t know how to?

Perhaps it’s time to lower our expectations, just like in the limbo line…now, not all the way to the ground, but seriously, think about it: oftentimes we are let down because our expectations are too high.

See, hurt people hurt people…but found people find people! Health recognizes health!

Mark your calendar for January 18, 2018, and join us to learn how to live with expectations that set your relationships up for success!




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