Monday’s Mantra

When my spouse forgives me and accepts me, I learn to receive God’s forgiveness and
acceptance. In that moment my spouse is modeling God to me. Revealing God’s mercy, my
spouse is helping me see, with my own eyes, a very real spiritual reality.

(Adapted from Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas)
Welcome to Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power with Megan’s Monday Mantra and Trench Classes
Today is my husband’s and my 18-year anniversary. I look back at the person I was eighteen
years ago and I cringe a little … okay, I cringe a lot.  I think God has a sense of humor. He
seems to enjoy gifting us with a spouse who is vastly different from us. In many ways, my
husband and I are complete opposites. The concept of “opposites attract” does not feel so
attractive when you and your spouse are grinding through your differences. But I have learned
to be grateful for them. Through these differences, the Lord sculpted our marriage into the
intimate and trusting relationship we share today. Other than God Himself, I love my husband
more than anything else in my life.
The marriage relationship was the first human institution established by God. (Genesis 2:24)
Marriage mirrors God’s covenant relationship with His people. A covenant is a formal
arrangement between two parties that binds them together. Each party has an obligation to
the other rooted in mutual loyalty and commitment. The Hebrew word for mirror is “to reflect
God.” Chiseling off our selfish human nature, He shapes us into “other-centered” spouses
whose marriages reflect a clear picture of Christ’s love.
In Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas writes, “We need to learn to fall forward. That is, when we
are frustrated or angry, instead of pulling back, we must still pursue our partner under God’s
mercy and grace.” He goes on to suggest this helpful prayer:
“Lord, how can I love my spouse today like he/she has never been loved before or ever will
I’m pretty sure this is a prayer God is ready to answer.
Your comments are always most welcome.

Lovingly in Christ,


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