Publishing Update @ Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and thank you for coming by. I really missed our time together on Friday.

My husband and I got away to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary and although we were not too far from home, the place that we were at didn’t have wireless Internet, unless you wanted to go out by the pool, where about a million other people were. I couldn’t believe it. Isn’t every place wireless? Talk about spoiled, huh?

Anyway, when one door closes, another always opens, and the door for uninterrupted time with my husband opened and I’m so glad we walked through it and had that time. I truly don’t tell him enough how blessed I am that he’s my husband, the one who encourages me, prays with me and for me, the one that I laugh the most with, sometimes cry with, do life with. I could go on, but you should probably grab your coffee and come on in so we can get started.

After our Coffee Hour on Thursday, I heard from Pat, our editor, who emailed me to let me know that Alana had called him and said that despite being away from work for personal reasons, that she was ready to see our book. So at 12:30 on Thursday afternoon, I pressed the “send’ button for the email to Alana at Trident Media Group which contained the query letter, a three-page summation of the book as well as the entire book. I say “entire,” because normally they only ask for two or three chapters. I was directed to send the whole thing. Hmmm, I wonder…..

I could sit and wonder all kinds of things, but one thing I’m sure of: HIS timing is all over this project. That fact alone should cease all wonderment, but I’m only human and I am a bit anxious. But sincerely, my true heart’s desire is that when she reads it, whenever she reads it, that a message of hope will resonate in her heart, that it will speak to her in a way she hasn’t heard before, not for my sake, but truly for hers. I’m so not just saying that for publication purposes. He has ordained this time for her to get this book, so would you join me in praying these things?

To say thank you to you for joining me on this journey, and joining me for Coffee Hour seems so trite, so small in comparison to the significant amount of joy and encouragement I feel in my heart knowing you are here. I can only hope that my Fiction for the Mind, Body & Soul will encourage you in your own journey and that you are truly receiving a cup of encouragement every morning that you come here.



Here are a few photographic highlights from last week. I hope they make your heart smile. Thanking Him for YOU!

Our 4-legged kids helping us to laugh & play

My favorite ambience for writing!

Celebrating 6 years!

The 2 shall be as 1...

Seeing him so carefree = JOY

Did you know about a town called Harmony?

San Simeon Sunset

Creation and its colors...

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3 Responses to “Publishing Update @ Coffee Hour at Chicklit Power”

  1. Susan Gomez says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have come so far. And yes, I will keep you in my prayers for this
    next step up! And, yes, yes, Harmony is darling, by Cambria. Happy Anniversay and may
    God continue to bless you two and “babies” with many many more God awesome years!
    Love You!

  2. Kathy says:

    I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to read the whole book. Praying for this and for you.
    Harmony is near Cayucos. I remember seeing it but we never stopped. POP 18. Isn’t that something!! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you, sweet sister:)