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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to our “Bachelor” series. We’re getting down to the final two; only one more to eliminate. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to blog this episode because I’m actually in Cabo, but thanks to technology, and some nice people at our resort, I found out what channel it’s on, paid for the Internet service so we’re in business. But as I went to post it, I realized I put it on the wrong day! Oh, well. Better late than never 🙂 Grab whatever you’re having and come on in. We’re going to Africa.

So this show opens with Brad admitting he still has trust issues Yikes! Is he going to repeat history? That’s right; he told the View that he really has found love this time. He is hoping to find clarity in South Africa. I know one thing he’s going to find there; beauty. It is absolutely beautiful and filled with exotic animals and God’s artistry.

So Chantal and Brad are going on a Safari. Wow, what a memory to cherish. Oh, my God, the lion is spectacular, especially when he yawns! The giraffe is mind boggling, very pretty, “in a weird way,” as Chantal says. I love the way they chew their food. They pucker like they’re going to kiss someone. And the zebras, and rhinos, and monkeys, and elephants. Wow, here comes a hippo in the middle of their lunch. 🙂

“Love is more than a feeling,” Chantal says. That’s the first logical thing I’ve heard in a long time on this show. But then she goes on to top it by saying she wants what’s best for him, which shows her unselfish side, until she said, “It’s me.” But true love is wanting what’s best for the other person, putting their needs ahead of your own. It’s an incredible hard concept to grasp, in fact the divorce rate shows its difficulty.

It’s time for dinner, and Brad gives a big secret away; he’s the most comfortable with her. I would agree with that statement. Oh, I hate this part of it, the fantasy suite crap. Gosh dang it; why do they have to ruin it with this? Why do they have to test the merchandise before they fully commit to buying it? Oh, before they go to the suite, they’re taking a detour, or so I thought. Brad guided her to a tree house, in the middle of nowhere, in an open field of nature, greenery and a view to die for. Let’s throw them right into premarital bliss, huh! 🙁

Okay, it’s Emily’s turn and after greeting her with a truly excited hug, he tells her he forgot something so he leaves her for a few minutes out in the wild, which she wasn’t really thrilled about. But when he comes back to get her with an elephant, he redeems himself. Wow, what a fantasy dream come true, riding an elephant in South Africa. Overwhelmingly beautiful. Those elephants are playful creatures. When they sit for a bit, Brad admits to missing her daughter. I love how Emily put him on the spot when she asked him if he was ready for her five-year-old, and he thought about it and was honest when he said he was ready. He realizes that she and her daughter are a package deal and he’s ready for the whole package and the wrapping paper, too. 🙂 That’s not how he said it, but the happiness on his face and his little boyish attitude did.

So they’re at dinner, and Brad is suddenly nervous, again. He says he has so many questions and Emily tells him to ask away. Brad talks in the background about the fantasy suite time being his only time to talk with her privately and he needs this time. Hmmmm, so they really do talk? Will she accept it? It’s a tough call when her first response is to remind him that she’s a mom and wants to set a good example, but with that being said, she said she wanted the opportunity to get to spend more time with him, and for it to keep going at the pace it’s been going, slowly, and just spend time together and just talk. Before the camera shuts us out, Emily finally admits to absolutely completely falling in love with him, and Brad looked shocked, really shocked. I thought he was going to cry, and he admitted that he is falling in love with her as well. It was one of those goose-bump moments, because he’s not admitted that to either of the other two girls, though he’s said it behind the scenes.

So now it’s all about Ashley, the one he really liked from the beginning, but as the previews show, they keep going backwards, spending more time assuring and reassuring than being in the current moment, and picking up from where they left off. It didn’t help when he brought her to meet her greatest fear, a helicopter. She was so freaked out, but she overcame it in beautiful South Africa. They land in a place called “God’s Window” by the locals. So they’re talking and Brad asks her a great question: “Do you think you’ll be able to allow yourself to live while you achieve?” He’s thinking that they may be a bit out of balance, because he’s more settled in life, and she’s just beginning her career and a bit indecisive. And Brad now realizes that they have never meshed their individual lives together in a conversation so he’s set on doing that at dinner to see if it can go any further.

Brad admits to being frustrated, still having so many questions and so little time left. By the time he says what he says, now Ashley’s frustrated, and silence is thrown over their dinner like a wet blanket. For some reason, when it comes to communication between these two, they seem to not be able to do it very well. She accepts the invitation to the fantasy suite. Oh, great, like that’s going to solve this problem. Not!

It’s time for the ninth rose ceremony, but Brad talks to Chris first. Brad admits to not wanting to say good-bye to either of them and he knows he’s falling in love this time so it doesn’t compare to the last time. He says it’s different from the last time because he has the feelings this time that he didn’t have the last time he was this far into the journey. He’s still very torn about how his time with Ashley ended and he can’t make a decision until he talks with her. So he’s off to get her before he does the rose ceremony. Brad has a great point; here he is a week away, and he has too many questions. “I need to tell you good-bye. I don’t want you to stand in a rose ceremony.” And just like that, he walks her to the car, and she’s gone. There will be no rose ceremony. My personal opinion, not that anyone asked, he made the right decision; they misunderstood each other more than the understood each other; way too many misfires. And just like Ashley says, the spark wasn’t enough because it got lost in translation.

Oh, I guess there is a rose ceremony for the formality of it. Brad begins to explain that he’s really looking for the rest of his life and that’s why he wants to go forward with the rose ceremony, to make sure that they each will accept the rose. It’s official, the way I called it a couple weeks ago: Chantal and Emily. They’re staying in South Africa, and going to Cape Town to meet his family. But before we get to see that, next week will be a week I so don’t agree with, so I will not be blogging it, at least I don’t think I will. I’ll pray about it. Until then…


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