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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to The Bachelor. Come on in and get comfy. In watching the previews, something tells me there’s gonna be all kinds of things we’ll see and learn from this show. Come on; we’re going to Costa Rica!

Wow, I had no idea Costa Rica is so beautiful, so luscious and green. Then Brad says: “The only way to fall in love is to become vulnerable.” Wow, a steaming volcano, and the waterfalls. Everybody seems to be in agreement that it is an amazing ambiance for falling in love. Hmmm, what happens when you take that ambiance away? Oh, here’s the date card and it’s for Chantal: “Close your eyes, hold on tight; love is in the air tonight, Brad.” I have a feeling about her, like I think he really likes her. They’re going on a little adventure. They are taken by helicopter to the longest zip line in the world, and Brad’s never zip-lined before and he’s ready to take their relationship to new heights.

Oh, there’s a knock at the door announcing the group date for Jackie, Michelle, Emily Ashley, Shawntel and Britt, so Ali finally gets a one-on-one date! Now let’s get back to Chantal and Brad for the evening part of the date.

Ahhh, a picnic in the jungle, interrupted by the rain, but it didn’t spoil anything. They went to his villa and they shared many kisses, some meaningful conversation and the rose. They both kept saying it was a perfect day, and I’m sure it was. I mean, how could it not be when you experience something that a bunch of money can buy that you’ve never, ever experienced before in a place you’ve never, ever been before, and then you’re with someone you’re trying to impress, win over, and all that gets all mixed up and now they’re “in love.” Oh, boy! And Chantal feels that thing she’s supposed to feel, as she pats her heart, you know the pitter-patter. Why, oh why do we mistake that for “falling in love”?

Okay, so we are on the group date, and Brad says this date is all about adventure and facing fear. Brad is looking for his adventurous woman. Helmets and harnesses, hmmm, what are they going to do? Oh, dear, I don’t think I would do it. They are going to rappel down a waterfall. Yikes, Jackie is afraid of heights but she’s going to conqueror her fears, and she did it! Then they topped it off with swimming in the natural hot springs, and I’m not sure if the spring water is hotter or the hot water laced with jealousy that Brad seems to find himself in is hotter. There are a few tense moments but we’re saved by the bell as another date card is announced back at the girls’ villa. “Meet me at the altar, Brad.”

The moments with Emily are a bit too honest when she admits that she sabotages relationships and really confuses Brad and causes him to wonder if he may wind up hurt if he chooses her.

Oh, and the time with Michelle turns into a heated debate when she gives him a what-for and a how-come about Chantal coming home in his shirt, and she begins to scold him. But Brad is not about to take that, and he very matter-of-factly tells her she needs to let his decisions be his decisions. So she in her manipulating way leans into him and kisses him, and of course he kisses her back, but we get the benefit of hearing his thoughts, and he’s definitely irritated with her, and disappointed in the evening part of the group date overall. In fact, he stood before all of them and explained that he gave each of the roses out with a lot of thought behind them and a belief that he could see a future with that girl, and because of all the confusion he was now feeling – because he was seeing some true colors in some of these girls – he let them know he wouldn’t be giving a rose out on this date. He didn’t want to second-guess himself and have any regrets. You should have seen the look on Michelle’s face. She’s really got issues. Okay, time for the one-on-one with Alli.

Brad shows up on a horse pulling a smaller one beside him for her. Wow, what a place to go horseback riding. So a cave doesn’t look like an altar, but that’s where they’re headed, and one thing that’s really scaring Alli is she’s literally terrified of bugs and critters. Brad points out this huge spider and she almost throws up! Then bats start falling from the ceiling and she loses it, but she presses closer to Brad and continues to power through her fears.

Wow, the vision that awaits them on the other side is literally breath-taking. Wow, seeing this piece of His creation is giving me a traveling bug! 🙂 There it is, the altar, it’s a natural stone pattern that makes stairs and at the top was a flat area where there was a picnic awaiting them where they nibbled on snacks and beverages before heading back to get ready for the evening.

Wow, so there’s like this big lily pad like in the center of this hot spring. Talk about ambiance, even Brad considers it to be the most romantic setting in the world. The conversation is stilted, and definitely not substantive. Then Brad admits to feeling awkward and warns her that he’s gonna put her on the spot. He does so by asking about her last relationship and wondered about its demise. She explained to him that when it came down to it, every time she pictured her wedding, she couldn’t see his face at the altar. She enjoyed hanging out with him, but he wasn’t for her future. Wow, what a perfect lead-in for Brad, and he says so by telling her he was going to use her words as he explains he can’t see himself with her as his wife so he wasn’t going to be giving her the rose. The spark just wasn’t there. She thanked him for his honesty, and off in the limo she went.

Brad is in dire need of some down time to process what he’s feeling, but the knock on the door puts that on hold. And who do we have standing there, but the bold and brazen Michelle. Prepare for drama, girls . . .

They kiss a few times, and then she asks him how he was after sending Alli home and confirms that she wasn’t for him. She reminds him that she’s still irritated that he kept Chantal. Brad is surprised and looks somewhat amused as she tells him that she’s not for him, that if he ends up with her, he’ll be making a huge mistake. Then she proceeds to tell him that she wants him to figure it out for himself, otherwise, she would be telling him stuff about the other women. Seconds later, she starts telling him what order the girls are going to be going home. According to Michelle, Britt’s next. Then Jackie, Chantal, then Shawntel, Emily, Ashley and of course, she’s the last woman standing. I can’t believe he’s so amused by her, but one thing’s for sure; he’s getting irritated with her questioning his decisions and pulling on his last nerve.

It’s time for the cocktail party. Brad walked in and admits to them that he’s hit a wall today. He pulls Emily aside first for their conversation and I have to tell you, Brad is like a little boy around her, and I really think he is crushing on her, truly 🙂

Brad admits taking ten steps back with Michelle. She turns on the tears and Brad turns clumsy but just maybe he’s finally rethinking this one. I think he’ll truly regret it if he takes this any further with her.

There are only five roses, and Ashley gets the first one. Oh, please send Michelle home. Emily gets the second one. Please send Michelle home. Britt gets the next one. Guess that proves Michelle’s theory is wrong. Shawntel gets the next one. Now it’s between Jackie and Michelle. Please send Michelle home. And the final rose goes to – NO WAY – Michelle !@#$%^&*()_ Dang it! 🙁

Well, join me next week as we travel to Anguilla, the most beautiful Caribbean Island. Have a great day.


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