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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the 2011 Bachelor. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re off to the Caribbean Island of Anguilla and we’re down to six girls.

There’s a lot at stake this week because two will be leaving and the final four will get to take Brad home to their hometown. This week, there’s three one-on-one date and one group date. On the one-on-one, the pressure’s off because there is no rose being earned. So who gets the first one-on-one? The card says: “Three things I would bring on a deserted island: Champagne, picnic lunch and Emily.”

Wow, so I was right; Brad feels a bit insecure when he’s with Em! He actually said he feels as if he doesn’t deserve her, and I’m sure that’s to do with the ghost of her first love. Brad even admits this is the most romantic date he’s ever planned. How seriously fun would that be to have the sky as your limit budget-wise when planning these dates. Don’t you think that that gives a person butterflies? They landed on a private island, Sandy Island. It really is a beautiful place to share one’s heart, everything is perfect, but there still is a tense atmosphere despite the beauty. He admits that he’s nervous, that he really cares for her so much, probably more than he should be telling her, he admits. I have to say that this is the most honest relationships, in my opinion, of all of them. There was a glitch when it came time to talk about Brad meeting her little girl. The hurt in his eyes was so profound, painful to see, but then he broke a few rules and told her he was going to be giving her a rose at the rose ceremony; that if she needed to make phone calls, she should make them because he was coming to her home town.

The next one-one-one is with Shawntel. Brad describes their relationship as slow and steady. How cute, they’re jump-roping together. She is definitely a fun girl, doesn’t take herself or life too seriously, despite being a funeral director. So they’re beginning the romantic evening part of their date and Brad just said something – and he’s said this many times before – but it’s like a light just went on. He’s like panicked because he’s been given this box, this timeline with which he’s got to have it all figured out with these six girls. That’s not how a “real” relationship works, how real long-lasting love is formed, is it?

So the final one-on-one is with Britt, and even Brad says she’s behind all the other women because they haven’t really had any one-on-one. So he goes all out and picks her up in a yacht, but they have to swim to it. So as the date progresses, it becomes very obvious that she is gonna be one of the two going home. I mean you can just feel the lack of connection, the awkwardness. And yet, she has the right idea; she’d like to get to know Brad. Brad, on the other hand, wonders why he doesn’t have a romantic connection. He looks so uncomfortable.

He’s a pretty genuine guy and can’t be phony. He squirms in his chair and then he can’t sit silent any longer. He tells her he doesn’t have those kind of feelings for her. She lets him know that she thinks more time is what they need to discover more about each other. He bluntly tells her it’s time to say good-bye. Wow, so he’s not even waiting for the rose ceremony. He puts her in a boat and sends her on her way. He felt she deserved to know the truth, rather than have her go through the grueling rose ceremony when he knew that he knew that they didn’t have a future.

It’s time for the group date with Ashley, Michele and Chantal. He comes into their bungalow and wakes them up in the middle of the night and has them get up and dressed. So they’re going to be in a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

So Ashley’s first and it was all good until she agreed to take her top off and put two shells as her shields. Unbelievable! So unnecessary! Well, Chantal followed suit and had an out-of-body experience and totally played the part and took her top off too. After all, this is the big week; everyone’s competing for the hometown dates! Michelle wanted Brad to be in the shoot with her, so where does she plant herself, right on top of him, in the sand with the water coming up under them.

Well that sent the sparks flying and Brad admitted that he got caught up on Michelle’s aggressiveness and he shouldn’t have. It definitely was quite trashy. I wish that if the girls refused to have some class and self-respect that our dear producers could have chosen to use some discretion. 🙁

Wow, Brad gives Michelle a verbal pow-wow by telling her he’s afraid they’re too much alike; that what he sees is “a very strong almost volatile woman.” The whole date was a disaster. So much so that it gives Brad some clarity and he decides to forego the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. So this is why this season’s confrontational.

Okay, so before he starts handing out the roses, I’m putting my money on Michelle going home! Crossing my fingers, praying…..Emily’s first – he kept true to his word. Shawntel N. gets the next one and now it’s the final rose. Drum role, please, Chantal or Michelle, which one will it be! Yes! Chantal gets the rose and Michelle gets the boot. Asta La Bye-Bye, girl. Oh, my, she was pretty angry You did the right thing, Brad, and I’m glad that you finally recognized that you had a very strong chemistry attraction that would have eventually worn off.

Now we’re down to four and next week is family week so be sure and come back for more.



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