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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to “The Bachelorette the Night After.” So I was reading the People magazine just yesterday afternoon, and there’s Ashley on the cover, talking about what a fool she feels having watched the first few episodes. She even admits that the first time she cried because her heart was broken, but then when she got to actually sit and watch the episode where Bentley bailed, the producers did not edit out any of the other degrading comments that he made about her, so having to watch that all over again brought the tears gushing to the forefront. I knew she was gonna feel pretty stupid when she saw the episodes uncut, but I have to say that I feel so bad for her having to soak in all that humiliation on top of a broken heart! 🙁

She really fell for that guy, and why, I haven’t a clue. It’s like this force takes over that is hard to resist and I think that there’s something in her that likes the bad boy and she was even warned about him. And the even sadder part, Bentley is still laughing about how he duped everyone! How sad is that? Talk about drama, I think this would be termed epic!

Anyway, we better get to the show, but let me tell you, from what I read from the interview that People Magazine did with her just recently, I’m thinking she winds up with no one, but that may be a little premature supposition on my part. But we’ll see. . . Grab your coffee and come on in. Let’s get comfy; this could be a little long! 🙂

Hong Kong is absolutely amazing, with one of the most beautiful skylines around, breathtaking, but Ashley is more caught up in the dot, dot, dot closing statement from Bentley. She’s got it bad. Oh, Chris is knocking on her suite. “My greatest fear for you is at the end of this, one of these guys is down on one knee proposing to you and all you’re thinking is hmmmm, what if, so . . . He then goes on to inform her that Bentley is in the hotel that she’s at. “Shut up!” There’s dead silence. Chris encourages her to not let Bentley be vague, to get the closure she needs so she can give the other guys a fair chance. It’s so crazy how we can be so attracted to poison, something literally absolutely positively wrong for us, but still we fall . . .

She’s walking to his room and when he opens the door and pulls him to her, their first few words are a bit awkward. He has the nerve to tell her to tell him everything that he missed. She begins to admit how hard it was when he left, and he has the nerve to say it was hard for him too. Lie; it’s a lie! So he’s turning his dot-dot-dot statement into a period. So I guess she got her closure, and she looks pretty confident, but is she?

She’s getting ready to see the guys and she looks less haunted by Bentley. The first date card arrives. “Lucas, let’s find our good fortune on the streets of Hong Kong.” They have a casual time walking through the city and at dinner Lucas admits that there are three things he would like to have from his date with her before the night ends: love to dance with her, love that first kiss and he would love that rose. In the meantime, date card comes and Ryan, Mickey, Constantine, Aames, Blake and Ben, “Let’s get our hearts racing. Love, Ashley.

Let’s get back on the boat with Lucas and Ashley Well, he gets one of the three, and that’s the rose. Oh, and he got a little kiss and then he really kissed her! Oh, how cute; he is dancing with her, and she’s liking it and feel protected with him.

It’s the group date and they are going to be dragon boat racing! Onstantine and Ben are the blue team. Blake and Ryan are the red team. Aames and Mickey are the black team. Each team had to go out in unfamiliar territory and recruit some boaters. Talk about a challenge. Ryan played it smart and their team got a translator. Ben and Constatine went after couples but were having a hard time finding willing participants. Aames and Mickey got a team of six or seven to help them. Score! Ryan and Blake got four guys to help so they were moving forward. Ben and Constatine put on red robes and wound up getting a whole team. And they’re off. . . Blake and Ryan won the race and in the midst of them savoring their win, someone from the group of people that were recruited engaged to their love. Wow, and they didn’t do it Bachelor or Bachelorette style! 🙂

Ames got her in the elevator and took her up to the 48th floor, and the ride up was definitely not wasted! Let’s just say that their lips were in hiding just about the entire ride.

We find out that J.P. gets the next one-on-one date while the group date is happening, which seems to be kissing the time away and ends with Ryan getting the rose.

Ashley is really excited to be on this date with J.P. Over dinner, she asked him when the last time that he cried was, he said his last breakup. Of course she dad to inquire if he had really moved on and he was honest with her so she felt she needed to be honest with him and she was hoping it didn’t backfire. She didn’t tell the other guys but for chemistry sake, she felt she could tell J.P. whose mouth dropped when she told him that she had seen Bentley two days ago there in Hong Kong, but then he was like pretty cool about it.

She told him that she feels so strongly about him and wanted to tell him about the whole journey. So they actually just overcame what could have been a big elephant in their relationship and J.P. admits to being more emotionally attached than he’s ever been and completely blown away by how he’s feeling. He’s crazy about her. I think J.P. is very genuine and believes he feels all that he is feeling. Oh, that he would remember all that he’s feeling when the tides of trials and troubles come up upon their ocean floor. Hmmm, maybe J.P. is the one. Maybe she does choose someone.

So she’s feeling like a new woman, confident and captivating. She has convinced herself that because J.P. took the news of Bentley being there so well, she owed it to the rest of the guys to let them know how she had fallen for him, about the dot, dot, dot, and that she felt all this time that she didn’t get the closure but since he did come to Hong Kong, she did receive her closure. She made an emotional deposit into all their egos but it did backfire.

The guys really put her through the fire with some very tough but necessary questions. They remind her that they are putting a lot on the line and here she has been thinking about him this whole time. She stopped herself mid sentence when she realized how upset they all were with her and she got up and excused herself. The guys discussed it among themselves, and a couple of them, the more they talked, the more ticked off they got. Oh, my, but the testosterone laced with pride is rising and it almost looks as though a few of them just might get up and walk out! Actually, Mickey did leave. What a bummer.

Ashley admits she doesn’t know how to navigate through this right now. She doesn’t know how to make everyone happy right now, but, hey, who of us does, right?

It’s time for the rose ceremony, and Ryan, Ben and J.P. already have a rose. Ben gets the first one, and the next one goes to Constantine. The final rose goes to – it better be Ames – yes! It’s Ames! Blake is asked to say his good-byes.

Next week, we’re going to Asia and of course, the previews are definitely making it look very confusing and like she’s not gonna have anyone there at end! 🙁

Join me tomorrow for a much more positive coffee hour. 🙂




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