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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. It’s time for The Bachelorette rewind. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I know I had said a week before this season was to start that I would not be blogging about the Bachelorette, but I’ve had a change of heart, not because I like the show, though I’ve still been watching it, but because my girlfriend and I were on Google checking something out about this website and we found a magazine writer/blogger who had the Coffee Hour Bachelor/Bachelorette blog listed as her second favorite, so for that reason, and for the sake of a positive message, I’ve re-thought my decision and changed my mind. 🙂 Hey, what can I say? 🙂

Seriously, though, the first three episodes I was really glad I hadn’t blogged. I mean, this Bentley guy, come on! Are you kidding me? Ashley is going to feel like such the fool when she watches those episodes. She fell for the guy, hook, line and sinker even after being warned that he was only doing the show to promote himself, and he was just along for the ride.

The only real thing about this show is the people, and even that is a big question at times! 🙂 The good thing about the last episode is Bentley bailed so that charade is over, thank goodness. But he was such a total jerk right before he went in to tell her he was leaving. He actually said he was going to hurt her but he hoped his hair looked okay! I couldn’t believe it and the way Ashley reacted told how much she had already invested in just three weeks. She was so devastated and I was devastated that she was so devastated, so let’s see how she’s doing tonight! 🙂

Tonight we’re in Thailand, and you should have seen these men let their little boy joy come exploding to the surface when they found out where they were going. They were so excited to go to Phuket, Thailand, but Ashley’s still got her heart and thoughts on Bentley.

Oh, thank goodness, here’s the date card and it’s for Constantine. “Let’s ‘sea’ Phuket together.” Ashley’s plan to charter a small boat and go to a private beach was rained away, but he was a real trooper and suggested they go into town and do some shopping. Hmmm, a vendor had some interesting advice to offer when asked what is the key to a good marriage: “Love is not about winning! Forgive, forget and forgive again and again.”

While they are out on their date, the next date card comes and it’s a group date for: Ben F., J.P., Blake, Nick, West, Lucas, William and Ryan “Let’s make the world a better place.”Their date continues and so does the chemistry on a low dose. I will say, though, that Constantine seems to be the real deal. And as Ashley said herself, “Hopeless Ashley is now hopeful.” Her heart is still aching over Bentley, but she is determined to move forward with the guys on the group date. The date turned out to be a humanitarian type of date in painting, organizing an orphanage that was destroyed in the Tsunami a few years ago. Ryan is getting on the guys last nerves. Wow, hard to believe they can be as caddy as women! Sorry, but we really can be catty, don’t you thing?

The children from the orphanage came and showed their appreciation to the guys with such joyful animation and genuine appreciation. Then it was play time with them. If you’ve ever played with orphans from other cultures who are less fortunate than most kids their age in our own country, you definitely leave different than when you came. So Ben gets the first kiss from the group date, and he looked like he was enjoying it but I don’t know about her! 🙂

Wow, you should see these guys second guess themselves, and allow their insecurities to come out of their mouths. And I thought only girls did that!  Hmmm, 🙂 J.P. and Ashley are talking on the beach in the rain and now she’s kissing him like she really wants to kiss him and she even said kissing him is magical.

She’s very much into the external picture, and though I know we all like to look at the wrapping on the package, she doesn’t seem to be as interested to discover what’s on the inside!

Another date card has arrived. Who gets it? “Ames, it’s more romantic in the rain.”

Wow, right before Ashley was going to give the impression rose on the group date, Ryan came running over and said I just want to steal her for a few minutes, and that really ticked the rest of the guys off. So, the one who gets the rose for the group date is . . . Congratulations, Ben F.

Ames is an interesting guy. He’s been to Thailand after finishing school to climb the mountains. And then he was there last year just to go to cooking school. Wow, the west of Thailand is beautiful, mysterious, hovered over by the mystical sky, and floating clouds above the huge rocks in the water.

Wow, they kayacked into this beautiful cave and caverns and Ames analogized navigating the turns in the cave to a relationship. You never know what’s around the corner. It was truly breathtaking, peaceful, majestic beauty. Their dinner date was laced with some meaningful conversation and Ashley did give Ames the rose, along with the gift of Ames discovering his funny side. 🙂 I love the fact that he didn’t feel the need to kiss her and/or make out with her. He was really digging her inner beauty!

Finally, the rose ceremony! 🙂 Wow, she was supposed to send two guys home but she admitted to honing in on just Bentley and not giving the others even a second thought all these weeks, so she wants more opportunities to have more time with them so she doesn’t send the wrong guy home. So does that mean this show gets extended for another week? I’m not sure how I feel about that. Okay, here we go . . .

Lucas let out a big whoop when his name was called. Ryan smiled his beautiful and happy smile as he accepted his rose. The guy she enjoyed kissing the most, J.P., gladly accepts his rose. Nick, who we didn’t see much of or hear from this week accepted his rose gratefully. 🙂 Mickey, dark hair and blue-eyed mysterious guy accepted his rose. Blake confidently accepted his rose, making sure it was pinned on right as he walked back. William, the one who said way too much at the roast last week, was very happy to get his rose. I THINK West is going home but let’s see . . . Ben C. stepped forward and relief showed all over his face as he whispered something in her ear. Bye-bye, West. Bummer, he was such a nice guy who she felt wasn’t ready for another relationship after losing his wife when she passed away just a couple of years ago. I actually think it was her own insecurities projected on to the poor willing guy. I pray he finds the real thing in the weeks and months to come.

So join us next week for more memories in Thailand, and please join me tomorrow for the “If I could have coffee with God series,” where we are asking the tough question, why do bad things happen to good people?

Have a beautiful day,



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