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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to more of Chapter 2 of “The Men In & Out of Her Life.” We’re going to get up close and personal with Lacey’s girlfriends. Grab your coffee, or whatever you’re having and come on in.

Lacey returned to her chair and was surprised to see a mixed drink waiting for her. She still had half a glass of champagne left and wasn’t planning to drink anything else. “Where did this come from?”

As if rehearsed, the girls all answered with their club code: “10:00.” Lacey looked in the direction and saw two guys holding up their glasses of beer. Lacey followed suit and held up her drink in a gesture of thanks. As soon as she sipped it, she knew what it was. She set it behind her glass of champagne. Her Long Island Ice Tea days were over and she wasn’t about to drink enough to lose control, just enough to take the edge off, which the champagne was doing. She looked back to the girls. “That was nice of them to do that though.”

“I don’t know that ‘nice’ has anything to do with it, but this night is definitely getting better,” Julia said over the music. “Come on, girls. Let’s go dance.” They all got up, except for Nikki.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll watch our purses and take orders for your dance cards.”

Lacey took her by the hand. “No one’s going to take our purses, and no one’s got a dance card, so let’s go, girl. Let’s go dance to life like no one’s watching.”

Out on the dance floor, Lacey couldn’t keep her eyes off the guys who bought their drinks. Laughing and dancing, she kept staring in their direction purposefully, moving and grooving to the beat. As the song came to an end, the D.J. announced the Line Dance to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. The crowd broke out in approving applause as they formed a line, side by side. Lacey and Julia stepped up to the front as if to lead because this was their dance and one that they were good at. As the music started, Lacey felt a shoulder bump hers and looked to her left, surprised to see one of the guys that had bought them their drinks right beside her.

“Mind if I join you up here?” Ian asked over the music.

Not missing a beat of the dance that had already begun, Lacey looked him up and down, a couple of times, smiling. “Hey, it’s a free dance floor, right, Julia?” Julia answered with a nod of her head as she lip-synced “My Achy Breaky Heart.” When the song ended, they all broke out in cheers and clapping, and the D.J.’s voice broke in: “We’re going to slow it down now. It’s guys’ choice.” Lacey quickly turned to leave the dance floor and felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and he was so close she could feel his breath on her face. “Would you like to dance?” Ian asked her.

Lacey’s response got caught in her throat as she looked at him as if for the first time. This guy’s too beautiful. It’s only a dance. It’s only a dance, she chided herself. “Sure,” she said more confidently than she felt.

He pulled her close and Lacey tried to relax as she watched the girls leave the dance floor. She felt the beating of his heart, not confusing it with the beat of the music, and tried to pull away just a little bit. He pulled her back into him, gently but firmly, keeping one hand in hers and another around her waist. “Well, at least he’s not groping me,” Lacey thought. She rested her head on his shoulder and for the duration of the song, Lacey allowed herself to not think but to just enjoy the feel of his firm body next to hers as he led them around the dance floor, obviously no stranger to the art of dancing.


“Would you look at that,” Nikki said to the girls. “They look as if they’ve been dancing together for years.”

“You can say that again,” Sophie agreed.

Julia stood up and announced that she was going to go to the ladies’ room and Nikki turned to Sophie. “So what’s new with you, gorgeous?”

Sophie’s smile brightened at the compliment. “Zack and I are adjusting to my new schedule. Since I’ve quit court reporting college, I have more time with him.”

“Well that’s perfect timing, considering all you guys are going through,” Nikki said.

“That’s one way of looking at it,” Sophie agreed.

“So how’s the job going?”

“Actually, real estate is so different now.”

Nikki took a sip of her drink. “You mean because of the economy?”

Sophie nodded her head. “There’s that, and the fact that everyone’s sue happy so the laws have changed.”

“So are you staying busy, though?”

“Yeah, there’s plenty of business. Investors are taking advantage of all the foreclosures and winning at the game of Monopoly because of others’ misfortunes. But at least it’s a job,” Sophie added.

“I’m rooting for you, girl. So, are there any new flames blazing bright in your life?”

“Well, there is a guy I’ve dated a few times and we seem to have a lot in common, but it’s too soon to tell if it’s anything serious.”

“Good for you,” Nikki said enthusiastically. “You deserve to have some fun, girl” and she really meant it. They shared a common bond of being single parents and Nikki knew that Sophie had really been having a hard time lately, especially with Zach’s dad in a coma. They were ten years apart in age and Nikki had never felt anything but comfortable around her. She envied and admired her unpretentious beauty. At five-six, with long legs and a waist that disappeared when she turned sideways, she was a knockout. She dressed classy and conservatively almost always. Her hair was sexy but simple, cut to fit her heart-shaped face with multi-layers that flowed down in their natural wave and swept in toward the frame of her face, showing off her lips and cheeks, but bringing more attention to her big almond-shaped eyes that were the color of honey. In the months that Nikki had known Sophie, she had come to learn that the inside was just as pretty as the outside, and Sophie had welcomed her into their group with genuine approval.

Ahh, approval, something we all yearn for, that feeling of belonging somewhere with someone. We’ll stop for now, but please join me tomorrow for more. Have a beautiful day and don’t forget, it’s Blog Talk Radio day, our “Destination? Joyful!” show, “Unpacking the Junk one Piece at a Time.”




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