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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back for more of Chapter 3 from “The Men in and out of Her Life,” a novel that I am seeking representation from an agent/publisher for. Would you add that to your prayer list today? So, Harrison, Lacey’s trainer, has just left her with a profound statement: It’s not the prize but the journey you embark upon to attain the prize. Oh, that is the bittersweet truth! Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

By 6:00, Lacey was home, showered and in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on their salad when she heard Jake come in. “Hey, Buddy, how was your day?” The sound of the toilet flushing told her he hadn’t heard a word she said. She waited until he came into the kitchen and tried again. “So how was your day?”

“It was just another day, Mom.”

Uh-oh, she thought. His tone put her on the defensive. “What’s that supposed to mean? Was there anything good about the day, bad about the day? Anything I should know about?”

Jake shot her a look telling her he hated it when she fired questions at him like that. In fact, lately he hated a lot of things. She could only imagine what he was feeling. After all, he probably would like it if he could just go back to his favorite time, when he, his mom and dad were all a family.

Lacey tried to give him a look that said, “Everything’s going to be okay,” hoping he’d feel guilty for being such a grump.

“Yeah, something did happen that I should probably tell you.”

Lacey stopped mixing the salad and looked up.

“Adam got in trouble for defending me today because some jerk was in my face and accusing me of stealing his girlfriend.”

Lacey walked up to Jake and elbowed him gently in his ribs. “Does my boy have a new girlfriend, huh, huh?” Well, that landed like a loud belch in church, she thought. Lacey leaned up against the counter. “So, did you steal somebody’s girlfriend?”

“No, Mom. The guy was ticked off because I showed him up on the skateboard at lunchtime.”

“So how did you handle it?”

“Well, I was going to take a swing at the guy, but Adam stopped me and the yard duty lady thought we were all fighting so we all got in trouble and had to go sit in the principal’s office for the rest of lunch.”

Lacey knew she had to choose her words carefully. He seemed to be so on edge lately, and so unhappy. “Well, that inhales vigorously.”

“Mom, you’re a goof,” Jake said with a smile.

Yes, it worked! Lacey drank in his smile. “Yeah, well, would you help your goofy mom get the table set for dinner, and unplug the phone so we don’t have any interruptions while we eat and hang out.”


After dinner, Lacey did the dishes while Jake played the piano. She loved to hear him play and was always amazed by his talent, especially considering he hadn’t had any lessons. He played the piano like Kenny G played the saxophone. Lacey looked up for a minute, the music pulling at her heart, demanding her attention. It was beautiful but it sounded so sad. Lacey stopped what she was doing and walked to the hallway that joined the formal area and the kitchen. She stood and watched him. It was as though everything that had ever caused him pain was making its way down to several keys simultaneously, one hand creating an awe-inspiring melody, while the other hand was creating the distant but ever-present harmony.

By the time Lacey had looked over Jake’s homework and coerced him to bed, it was almost 9:30. She sat down in her big, comfy chair exhausted. What a day, she thought. It had been a good job and –- Suddenly Lacey remembered she had forgotten to call mom. “Nuts,” she said to the silence. Reaching for her phone, she turned it on and there was no dial tone. “What the…” And then she remembered that she had Jake unplug it at dinner. She was shocked that it was still unplugged. Jake loved to talk on the phone. Well, it’s too late to call her now. I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning, she thought. She put the phone down and went downstairs to plug it back in. She wasn’t even halfway up the stairs when she heard it ring. She ran the rest of the way, hoping that it didn’t wake Jake up. He needed all the sleep he could get with the last couple of days he’d had. She made it by the fourth ring and grabbed it, a bit out of breath. “Hello.”

Time to stop the story and let you go, but before I do, let me just encourage you if you’re a mom with a teenager, or thereabouts, when that hormonal soon-to-be-an-adult child of yours is copping an attitude, we must remember not to parent with emotions because most of the time, our own emotions will stifle who they are and only add fuel to the flame. I’m in no way saying let them be disrespectful, which really seems to be happening a lot these days, but let them express their frustration and learn to not struggle as they struggle through their own emotions.

So come back tomorrow so we can see who in the world is calling Lacey so late! 🙂




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  1. Kristeen Delilla says:

    Surely a perfect piece of writing! We’ve book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they’ll be intrigued, thank you very much!