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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for coming by. We’re in chapter 3 of my first novel which is still in New York visiting agents. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the excerpts. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to the deposition that Lacey is reporting with Attorney Danny, a client that is getting rather friendly. 🙂

He smiled his response, and turned to talk to his colleagues. Lacey began inputting in all the attorneys’ names and firm information, as well as who they represented. She put her cards in the order they were seated, and then began to come up with speaker signs for each of them. Her hands shook as she realized there were going to be eight people involved in the proceeding. Let’s pray they don’t all try to talk at once. She looked around the table, matching each card with the face so she could come up with some form of speaker identification for each of them. That way when they spoke, they would be identified correctly in the transcript.

She began to input the first thing that came to her mind about each of them into her computer.  The closest attorney on her right was Mr. Thatcher and he was representing the deponent. The first thing that caught Lacey’s eye was the fact that he was bald. Bald, Bald it is, Lacey decided. One by one, she entered their new name into her computer, inwardly laughing at a couple of the code names she’d given them. They’d freak if they saw how I identified them on this machine every time they spoke, she thought.

“What’s so funny,” Danny asked her.

Lacey almost choked on her own surprise at having been caught smiling for what appeared to be no reason. “I’m just laughing at the mistakes I’m making on my computer. It’s a court reporting thing, I guess.”

She didn’t need to wait for a response from him because the door opened and their missing person walked in.

Mr. Thatcher stood and shook the gentleman’s hand. “Good morning, Mr.  Jolenwavinski.  Why don’t we go in my office for a few minutes and I’ll look over the documents you brought.”

Lacey finished entering her code names for each attorney into her computer. She had just finished creating the caption pages and putting all of the appearance information inputted when Mr. Thatcher and the deponent walked back into the room. Lacey let them get settled and then looked over at her client who indicated she could start.  Lacey swore in the witness and the proceedings began.


When they took their first break, Lacey grabbed her phone from her purse and headed outside.  “Hey, Mom, I’m on a quick break and thought I’d call you so you wouldn’t worry. I thought it was just going to be a little depo, but apparently I was wrong. I’m on the record with the PMK and we’re probably going to go for a couple more hours.”

“Well, how’s it going? Are you getting everything down okay?”

“Considering there are seven attorneys and a witness with an accent thicker than peanut butter, yeah, I guess so.”

“Oh, Lacey, I’m so sorry,” Beth said, emphatically.

“Is there such a thing as Russian English, Mom?”

Beth chuckled. “Are they at least behaving and waiting their turn?

“A couple of times they’ve talked right over each other and I’ve had to stop them and have them repeat stuff, but they’ve been pretty professional. I think they’re being extra tolerant because they can’t understand the witness either.”

“You’ll get through it; you always do.”

“Thanks, Mom, for the vote of confidence. Remind me of that when I’m pulling out my hair and wiping tears of frustration off of my face as I try to edit this thing.” They both chuckled.  “I’ll give you a call on my way home.”

“Please do. I still haven’t heard about your night out.”

“I will,” Lacey assured her. “I’ll talk to you soon.”


Lacey pulled into the 24Hour Fitness in Rancho Cucamonga and parked in her usual spot. On the way in, she saw a new friend and stopped to talk. “Hey, Seth, how’s it going?”

“Not so bad.  How’s the training going?”

“It’s going great.”

Seth didn’t even hear her. He knew before he even asked because she was definitely looking more and more toned compared to the first time he had laid eyes on her. That had been just two months ago. He smiled at the memory of it. She was saying good-bye to her trainer and hadn’t been watching where she was going and bumped into him while he was doing his thing on the bicep machine. He would never forget her warm smile and flustered apology.  They had been friends ever since. He liked the fact that she didn’t treat him any different from the other guys he saw her talk with despite being half their size. No, she made him feel as if he were six feet tall. She had that way about her; she could make anyone feel so special and she didn’t even realize it.


Lacey could tell his thoughts were obviously somewhere else so she stared at him for a minute and smiled. He was incredibly handsome with sandy brown hair, big green eyes and a smile that just reached out and embraced her.  He had a great sense of humor, especially when it came to joking about his short stature. He was definitely short, but it wasn’t something Lacey paid so much attention to. He was fun to be with because of his love for life and it always impressed her that he seemed to always be surrounded by friends. “Seth?”


“I said, my training is going great.”

“I’m sorry. My head was somewhere else. “

“So did you decide if you were going to compete in the Las Vegas competition or not?”

“I’m leeeeeaning towards doing it,” he said with a smile.

Giggling at his little joke, Lacey caught his eyes; “Well, I think you should, and besides, it’s my first competition and I need you there. Your being there will make it all the more memorable.”

Well, I better wrap it up for today. Before I do, do you notice a comfortableness between Lacey and Seth? I love friendships like that. And look at her last words to him, words that let him know he’s needed. Hmmmm, interesting . . .



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