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Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and welcome back to Chapter 3. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to Lacey who is rushing to get ready for work after her unexpected call from Ian.

Beth dialed Lacey’s home number first, not sure if she was working or not. Her answering machine came on.  “Hi. You’ve reached Lacey’s and Jake’s voice mail. You know what to do. Wait for the beep and we’ll get back to you.” Beth didn’t wait for the beep. Instead, she hung up and dialed Lacey’s cell phone, and listened as it rang and rang. Just as she was about to give up, Lacey answered with a “Hello” that sounded out of breath.  “Are you okay, honey?” Beth asked nervously.

“I’m great, Mom. I was just on my way into my deposition. You know how crazy it is juggling all this stuff. I’m so sorry I haven’t called.  I was running all day yesterday and then I had to pick up Jake at the airport. His flight was delayed a couple of hours so we got in really late.”

“Well, I won’t keep you. I was just getting a little worried since I haven’t heard from you in a couple of days. I thought for sure you’d call us after your night out with the girls.”

“I know.  I have so much to tell you. I’ll call you when I’m off the record and on my way home. It shouldn’t be too long, okay?”
“Okay, honey. How long do you think your job will be today?”
“I think it’s just a little workers’ comp deposition, so I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours,” she repeated.  “I’ll call you as soon as I’m done and fill you in on the last couple of days.”
“I can’t wait to hear. I’ll be here at home. Your dad and I don’t have any plans today.”


Hearing her say good-bye, Bob made his way, hurriedly, to his chair and was sitting there reading Readers’ Digest when Beth returned. “Did you reach her?” Bob asked, trying to cover up his attempt at eavesdropping, relieved to know that she had reached her.

“Yes. She’s fine, just very busy. I guess Jake’s plane was delayed a couple of hours last night and they got home really late.

Bob smiled as if to say “I told you so.”

“She said she’d call me as soon as she got off work. She thinks she’ll only be on the record for a couple of hours.”

Bob let out a sigh of relief. “Well, at least we know she’s okay.”

“Yeah, she said she had lots to tell me. She sounded good, just a bit tired. I’m just so glad she’s out socializing again and recovering from that horrible blow from Peter. I thought for sure the girls weren’t going to ever get her to go out again.”

“Well, they did and now you can stop worrying your pretty little head off. What do you say we take Yeager out for a walk?”

“That sounds like a great idea. I think we all could use some exercise.”


Lacey checked in at the front desk of the prestigious law firm of Manning and Marder. “Hi, I’m the court reporter on the Harrison Case.”

The receptionist looked up at Lacey and smiled. “I’ll let them know you’re here. Have a seat and Mr. Thatcher’s secretary will be right with you.”

Lacey grabbed the named attorney’s business card and sat down. No sooner had Lacey gotten comfortable when a tall, professionally dressed brunette came over and greeted Lacey. “I’ll take you back to the conference room now.”

“Great. Thank you.” As soon as Lacey walked into the conference room, she realized that she had misjudged the type of deposition she would be reporting today. There were already four attorneys there and none of them were her client. Having been to this law office several times before, she wondered if she had been escorted to the wrong conference room. “Good morning, Counsel. While I’m getting set up, can I get a card from each of you and let me know who you represent. And if any one of you has a caption, that would be great. I need just a few minutes to set up.” She hoped she sounded calmer than she felt and was relieved when her client walked in just after she had finished setting up her machine and laptop.  Good morning, Counsel,” Lacey smiled at her client and he smiled back.

“Good morning, Lacey.”

Lacey was startled by his use of her first name but tried not to show it. At least now I know I’m in the right place and on the right case. Lacey sat down and turned on her laptop, noticing that she had been given a caption as well as a card from each of them. She began inputting the caption into her computer and realized why there were so many attorneys in the room. This wasn’t a workers’ comp deposition, but a personal injury case involving contractors, construction companies, and from the looks of the caption which included Stanley Ladder Company, another defendant, the case could very well have a product liability component as well.

She looked up in the direction of her client. “Mr. Tulak, are we waiting for any other attorneys?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact…”

The door opened and two more people came in the room. “Make that a ‘no’. I think we’re all here, except for the deponent.” Mr. Tulak introduced himself to the other attorneys as they found seats around the conference table.

Lacey repeated her request for business cards to the newcomers and then asked Mr. Tulak, “Counsel, who are we deposing today?”

He spoke so quietly, Lacey had to lean in towards him to make sure she heard him right. “Call me Danny.” And without skipping a beat, “We’re deposing the person most knowledgeable. Here’s the notice so you can get the spelling of his name.”
“Thanks, Danny.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s excerpt. It was a bit longer by request! 🙂 As I re-read this, I was reminded of my own adopted mom’s love and concern over my well being and it squeezes my heart knowing she’s there to listen, encourage and comfort. If you have someone like that in your life, let them know today how much you appreciate them.

Completely loved,


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