“The Men In & Out of Her Life” Chapter 2 continued @ Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, and I truly hope you are enjoying the daily excerpts from my first novel, which is part of a trilogy entitled “Destination? Joyful!” Grab your coffee and come on in. Lacey and Nikki are finally on their way inside to meet the other girls for their first night out since Lacey’s divorce.

Julia looked up just in time to see Lacey and Nikki being greeted by Pierre and motioned to Sophie. “Wow, would you look at Lacey all dolled up and tiny standing next to Nikki.” As soon as she said it, she realized how it sounded and tried to undo the insult about Nikki. “And Nikki looks great too. I’d kill for skin like hers. She’s never going to look her age.”

Sophie laughed at Julia’s faux pas. “Yeah, Nikki’s skin is amazing.” She fixed her gaze on Lacey. “Lacey really has taken working out at the gym to a new level. I can’t keep up with her, especially since our trainer has talked her into competing for the Ms. Fitness contest.”

“How much weight has she lost?” Julia asked enviously.

“I think she’s lost 22 pounds, four sizes, and a lot of the baggage that came from the divorce and being dumped for another woman.”


Lacey and Nikki descended upon them before Julia could respond. Anyone watching them would have thought that they hadn’t seen each other in years as they greeted each other with hugs and laughter. Pierre stood by watching and couldn’t help but smile at their reunion. “Julia, would you like me to bring that out now?”

“Yes, it’s time to get this party started.”

The girls didn’t even notice him leave as they got situated around their table and began catching up. Within minutes, Lacey had forgotten why she had been so nervous and was practically dancing in her chair to the beat of the song, taking in her surroundings, including the outside view directly in front of them of the waterfalls and spectacular pool and palm trees. It was breathtaking. “The Cabana Club” certainly didn’t have the typical “meat market” feel of other clubs she had been in years ago. Lacey wasn’t sure if it was the upscale-type of club goers or the ambiance, maybe a bit of both, but she liked it so far. She looked to Julia and mouthed “Thank you” above the music and the girls’ chatter. Julia smiled and leaned in towards Lacey. “I wanted to help you celebrate life after divorce.”

“Girls, girls, champagne’s here!” announced Pierre as he quickly poured them each a glass. “Allow me the first toast.” He looked first at Sophie, and then holding the almost empty bottle up in Lacey’s direction: “Welcome to The Cabana Club; it’s now a better place for me; to see all your beautiful faces, Julia, Sophie, Nikki and Lacey.”

“Ahh,” the girls said in unison. The girls held up their glasses and clinked them together, and, again, Pierre left unnoticed as the girls toasted to their friendship, to Sophie’s change of direction, to Nikki’s loss of three pounds, to Julia’s connection and to Lacey’s divorce.


Their laughter and toasts to one another could not be heard by others over the music, but it was definitely obvious to any onlookers that the girls at the front table were having a good time. Ian elbowed his brother and motioned with his eyes in the direction of the girls. Tom looked in the direction that Ian was looking and Ian laughed as he watched his brother’s eyes get as big as silver dollars and blow out a breath that came back in a whistle that they both heard over the music. “What do you say we send them over a round of drinks?” Ian asked Tom.

“Yeah, I’ll split a round with you.”

Ian’s mouth opened as if to reply, but his voice got caught in midair as he saw her get up off of her chair and go dance with a guy that resembled a tall and lanky businessman trying to look comfortable out of a suit. Ian couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Her tiny and toned body told him that she visited the gym as much as he did. From where he was standing, he could see the laughter that shone in her eyes and sparkled through her dimples. She was full of life and obviously loved to dance, another thing they had in common. He just had to see her up close.

Tom, standing next to Ian, followed his brother’s gaze and saw immediately why he had wanted to buy the round of drinks. He slapped Ian on the back. “Hey, bro, I’ll go order that round for them.”

So, as you can imagine, there’s already men involved. Come back Monday to see what happens, but please join me tomorrow for coffee hour and a personal journal entry.




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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Okay now I am wondering why all the people who have this blog are not reading it. Or if they are, write a comment to our Evinda. She puts this out for our benefit and needs encouragement to continue to share her observations about life in general and now even sharing some chapters of her novel. LET’S GET ON THE STICK SUPPORTERS AND SHOW SOME INTEREST IN THE WORK AND TIME THAT GOES INTO THIS!

    In Jesus Love, really, Jan