The Men In & Out of Her Life (Chptr 2 continued) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, and thanks for coming by. If this is your first time, we are not quite in the middle of Chapter 2 so you may want to go to the media page and download chapter 1, and then check out last week’s blogs to get caught up. For those of you returning, welcome back and I truly hope you are enjoying the story! Let’s get back to Lacey who is reminiscing about the night before, as well as other moments in her life.

Lacey woke up to the music from the alarm clock at 6:30, feeling exhausted and refreshed at the same time. The beat of the music brought a smile to her face as she remembered the events of the night before. She had danced and laughed the night away and it had been good for her ego. Her favorite dance partner, and there had been a few, had been Ian, who had behaved like a perfect gentleman, danced in a way that made everyone look at him with awe, and, wow, was he ever easy on the eyes. He has to be at least ten years younger than I am, she thought. “Well, it’s not like I’m going to see him again.” She got out of bed and headed downstairs towards the smell of her already-brewing Starbucks coffee.

She poured her cup of coffee and filled her thermos so she could retreat to her favorite chair in her office and then remembered that she couldn’t stay there too long. Doug, Martha and Jim were coming at 8:00. This was her favorite part of the day, early morning, when her phone wasn’t ringing and the birds were singing. All was peaceful as she sat down to journal. She had started this journal a year ago, after hearing that Voice that had let her know that she wasn’t alone.

For three months after the phone call that had changed her life forever, Lacey had ridden an emotional roller coaster, enticed by Peter’s emotions and confusion, freefalling them both up and down, until the ride had ended and Lacey had been forced to let go of hope in exchange for the divorce papers.

After that, Lacey had put the house up “For Sale by Owner,” and it had sold in just two days. So many friends had rallied around her and Jake and helped them pack everything up to put it into storage. Then they moved in with longtime family friends Doug and Martha, their daughter Angela and their son Adam, who just happened to be Jake’s best friend. The invitation was for as long as it took her to get on her feet. It had been good for Jake, and their home had been a safe nest for Lacey to rest and heal her broken wings and heart.

It had taken six months, and in that time, Lacey started working as an independent court reporter with Del Vicchio and Associates Court Reporting Agency out of North Hollywood, which had helped plant her feet in their new condo in Rancho Cucamonga. This second move was made easier in an overwhelming kind of way because of all the people that helped: the girls, Doug and Martha and some of their church friends. They had definitely had given her a different perspective about church and was thinking maybe she’d check it out after all.

By the end of their moving day, everything had been put away, furniture placed, the kitchen organized, knickknacks placed and pictures hung on the walls and in the stairwell. By the time everyone had left, it literally looked as though they had been living there for a year.

Lacey looked around her as she poured herself another cup of coffee from her thermos, reflecting on the whirlwind of her life over the past year. Though the pain wasn’t gone by any means, things were working out and she was on her feet again. Last night had proved that. She was glad she had given in to the girls’ relentless efforts of trying to get her out. Just thinking about it brought pen to paper and Lacey filled the pages of her journal, recapping the night out with the girls and the fun she’d had.

They had been some of the last to leave The Cabana Club. Ian and his brother Tom walked them all out to their cars, and Nikki and Lacey were the first to drive away, but not before Lacey noticed Ian and Julia talking at her car. She could have sworn that Julia had handed something to him. Five minutes later, Lacey’s cell phone rang and Julia was on the other end confirming what she had seen. “Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but Ian asked for your number and I gave it to him.”

“What?” Lacey screamed into her phone.

“Chillax. I just gave him your cell phone number. You should have seen him dancing around while he got the words out of his mouth. He was too cute. I couldn’t resist.”

“Julia, I can’t believe you did that. Maybe he really wanted yours.”

“Trust me, I tried to give him mine; he wasn’t interested.”

“So what did he say?”

“He just asked how long I’ve known you, if you were single, you know, all the usual stuff. He said he really wanted to get to know you and then he asked for your number.”

“And how did you answer all of his questions?”

“I told him that you were single and if he wanted to know anything else, to ask you. Then I gave him your number.”

Above Nikki’s giggling, Lacey chided Julia, “Yeah, well, don’t do me any more favors, Julia. He probably won’t call anyway.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it. TTFN.”

“Ta-ta for now, Julia.”

Nikki was still giggling and Lacey turned to her and couldn’t help but join her but then stopped as she realized that she would now be left to wonder if he would call.

“What’s so funny?”

“Peanut, the guy was totally smitten with you.” As if reading her mind, she continued. “And if he calls, great. If he doesn’t, then chalk it up to an ego-boosting time.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Lacey said, not wanting to end the night with a blanket of doubt and insecurity.

It was 2:30 before Lacey was home. By 2:45, she had changed into her oversized T-shirt and removed the traces of makeup before falling into bed. No wonder she was still feeling tired. Saturdays were normally her only day to sleep in, but today she was trading sleeping for skiing.

Well, that sure gives us a little better glimpse of Lacey. And what an important thing to do, to reflect and learn from the moments. But sometimes, even while reflecting, we miss some important cues, and go the wrong way. Please join me tomorrow for some fun on the slopes.





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