The Men In & Out of Her Life (Chptr 2 continued) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to Chapter 2 of “The Men in & out of Her Life.” The energy is picking up at the club and the girls are all having a good time. Grab your coffee and come on in.

Sophie leaned over and squeezed Nikki’s hand to thank her. Like Nikki, Sophie reflected on their friendship that was entwined with the common thread of single parenting and she was always grateful for the time they spent together. Nikki had an innate ability to splash her enthusiasm for life on all who came in contact with her in a way that enabled people to see past her excess weight and marvel at her beauty. Her blond and unruly hair framed a round face that was well defined by her cheekbones and a perfect nose and eyes the color of an inviting pool of refreshing water, big and round as quarters.


As another song started, Lacey returned to the table escorted by Ian, her face flush and her eyes still dancing. “Nikki, Sophie, this is Ian. Where’s –”

She was about to ask where Julia was when she appeared. “And this is our friend, Julia,” she finished.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ian,” Julia said while reaching for her drink. She held it up to take a sip and then thanked him.

Ian looked in the direction of his brother and signaled for him to come over. Tom walked over and this time, Ian introduced him to the girls. Tom wasted no time after being introduced to Sophie, and when the song Umbrella started, he asked Sophie if she’d like to dance.

“Sure.” They headed for the dance floor upstairs.

“Hey, Ian, will you dance with me?” Julia asked. He looked to Lacey who quickly turned away not wanting to discourage him, and with a shrug of his shoulders, he nodded and they followed Tom and Sophie.

“Are you having a good time, Peanut?”

“Yeah, actually, I am. I’m glad we did this. Getting out tonight is going to make tomorrow easier.”

“What do you mean? What’s happening tomorrow?”

“I’ve been invited to go skiing with Doug and Martha and their friend from church who just so happens to be a former ski instructor and single. How convenient, huh?”

“Peanut, that should be fun for you, especially since you haven’t been able to ski yet this season.”

“Yeah, they want to get on the slopes one last time. At least it won’t be cold.”

“Just promise me you’ll take it easy and not go speeding down any black diamond runs, okay?”

“No worries; I don’t ski black diamond runs. The last time I went down a black diamond run was when I was with you know who and I didn’t even know it was black diamond until I got off the chairlift and looked down. He thought it was funny, just because he looks like poetry in motion swishing down the hill, but fear overran my pride and I went down on my butt.”

By the time Julia and Sophie returned to the table, Nikki and Lacey were in tears from laughing at Lacey’s recount of her black diamond nightmare and Nikki’s latest deposition experience. “You’ve got to hear what happened to her yesterday while she was on the record,” Lacey sputtered out in between fits of laughter. Nikki recounted the events of the deposition from the day before, erupting with laughter when she got to the part of her court reporting machine falling over in the middle of an answer full of unmentionable expletives given by the witness. Nikki painted such a visual picture for all of them that brought forth unrestrained laughter and stories from all of them that kept going into the night.

Re-reading this, I’m reminded of many moments of laughter shared and memories created that linger forever in my heart with many of my friends. And it sure didn’t take long before there was not only one man in the picture of Lacey’s life, but two? Come back tomorrow for Lacey’s next “casual” date! 🙂




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2 Responses to “The Men In & Out of Her Life (Chptr 2 continued) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    As I read this today, I remember how hard and painful all that transition produced in myself. Much conflict lay beneath a jovial exterior. Being a single parent, worker, caregiver, responsible for their happiness and security and still discipline in spite of the guilt of what you are going through is sooooo very tough. I look back and see the struggle and tears shed. And now I see myself and my beloved children and their families and realize God directed my steps no matter where emotionally I was. God is amazing, because like David of old, it was the Lord who did the work for I could not do it alone. AMEN

  2. Hoerig says:

    Surely a fantastic piece of writing! We’ve saved it and sent it out to every one of my close friends mainly because I know they’ll be curious, thank you very much!