Thursday’s Trench Truth

Thanks for joining us for a quick Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. It’s Thursday already! Time for a truth from the trench and an invitation, too!

Imagine waking up the sound of a gentle breeze rustling through the trees and the beautiful music of birds talking back and forth to their kind, their conversation like music billowing into your window riding on the top of the billowing breeze. And the air, oh, so fresh, freeing, and though you are in a room with others, you surrounded by a blanket of peace, others there for the same reason…to get away, to learn how to live fearlessly, forgiven and forgiving.

Ah, yes life is worth living when we are forgiven and forgiving.  Join us in Laurel Pines, August 4-6th. Sign up today

Hope to see you there,


P.S. Join me for Coffee Hour Live on Thursday 10:00 PST @

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