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Welcome to Tam’s Trench Truth and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United.

Today I went for a short walk in a park and ended up lying down under a tree. Since I was a child I have loved to do this, lie there still, looking up, watching as the wind blows the leaves and branches. I have always found it most relaxing. Today as I laid there looking up, I thought of this invisible force and how it’s possible that something you can’t see can have so much power. Man has long used the wind to his advantage to hoist the sails and to move across the ocean. To use wind to grind grain and pump water. It’s used to drain the wetlands and make room for agriculture. For so long, man has harnessed the wind and used its power all without ever witnessing its physical form. Still we believe in it. We cannot direct the wind, but we can surely direct our sails and our rudders to work with the wind to move toward a destination of our choosing.

I find myself always wondering about God and His will. Wondering about the Holy Spirit and how it all comes to fruition. Are we not all part of God’s wind and God’s power? Can we not fill the sails of other’s reaching out for love? You see, I think God’s wind and power also takes no physical form, yet we can see its power all around us. If love is the wind and we are the power that feeds it, why do we not push to spread its power more in this world? Might I suggest that so many of us get caught up with our own issues and problems that we forget to take the time to be empathetic toward others?

We should not only project this wind of love but also harness it. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves we forget to let love in. Perhaps we justify blocking love out because we are busy giving it, and still not absorbing it.

I want to love but I always want to be loved. I admit that I think I might have come into a place in my life where I have become tainted, where I feel the need to block love… maybe from small places, but nonetheless shut it out, especially considering the people I wanted it the most from refused to give it.

Yes, as I lay there, I felt God in the trees blowing through. I’d like to think so, that God has my back in such simple ways, It begs this question: Why do we see the dramatic loss of love before we see the calming love in the clouds?

May we tune our eyes to not only observe, but feel these clouds that fly by so effortlessly.  Let’s take the time to take in the trees, harness the wind, feel the clouds, to believe in its power. It’s all God’s love.

To help you do that, plan on joining us for A Night of Purpose, an evening sure to answer questions, give you great information and meet you right where you are!


Much love everyone,



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