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While out working the other night, across the radio came the news of the Vegas shooting. This sadness came over me when I realized just how bad the news was and in knowing a thing about firearms from elevated positions I realized that the news would become much worse as the hours went by. A feeling of hopelessness came over me for the people going through this horrible tragedy. Life is funny: one moment we can be enjoying the music and life wholeheartedly and the next moment brings senseless horror.


I not only thought about these innocent people, but of the gunman as well. There is no explanation of what comes into the heart and mind of a man that has no respect for love and life…heartless!  This man had a brother who cared for him deeply. He had two homes. He was successful in his career. Yet it all came down to a state of mental health or some traumatic event that turned him to this side of hatred toward others.

How does life go on after a tragedy like this?


My friend Chris took his daughter to a concert tonight. I wrote him and told him how awesome I think it is that he takes his daughter out amidst this recent tragedy and shows her that life and love must continue going on, to not let people like this take us hostage in the fields of fear. He and his wife are quite the amazing parents. I actually found myself thanking God tonight for them being good parents. I didn’t think about it; I just prayed and thanked God for that.


Something in me just can’t help but connect this tragedy to wondering if the lack of love as a child plays into this recent tragedy. It makes me sad that so many children out there don’t receive the love that they need and deserve. They don’t feel safe and secure in their own beds. This world… it needs so many of us to reach out and give more of ourselves and our love. We must take notice to those who are hurting so deeply. It’s not that it’s our duty; it’s that God gave us spiritual wisdom, spiritual love that we are meant to share with others.


I can’t help but hurt for those that are now affected by this tragic incident for a lifetime. These things are so traumatic when you feel horror like that and you can’t even fight back to defend yourself. I pray and hope that all of them will seek out the help they need not only physically but mentally as well. These things can change a life in the most extreme ways long after the bullets stop flying and ricocheting.

Lord please take them into your arms and give them a sense of security. God surely gave us free will and the ability for us all to make a difference. Please continue to pray for the victims of this tragedy. Please help me pray for the families of those that were lost to this evil.


Much love and peace to all of you,



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