Thursday’s Trench Truth

Have you ever known someone who lost a loved one whom they were angry with
at the time of their departure from this life? Many think the opportunity to
forgive dies with them…but not so. I’m so excited to share today’s trench truth
with you written by a former trench student, Annette Corona. I found this on
Facebook and quickly reached out to her to ask for permission to share. I was so
proud of her! Grab your coffee and come on in for Coffee Hour with Chicklit
Power and Thursday’s Trench Truth with Trench Classes United.
Vulnerability is here folks! Read on if you’d like…
I originally started making this blanket for my sister about 5 years ago. These were
some of her favorite colors (colors are purple, lavender, and turquoise but the camera
isn’t picking up their true beauty). It was supposed to be her 32nd birthday present from
I was never able to give it to her because…well, allow me to explain, first.
We had a difficult relationship for many years. One time, in particular, we got into a huge
fight, and as a result, I became very angry and held a grudge along with some other
not-so-nice feelings. Months went by; her birthday came and went. The unfinished
blanket and the yarn to make it sat tucked away in a closet.
For the next few months, we hardly talked, didn’t see each other at all. In fact, I purposely avoided her at ALL cost…until… I got a phone call from my dad that my sister
was unexpectedly found deceased in her bed.
For the next four years, the blanket sat going from closet to closet with the few moves
we’ve had. Every time I dared to look at it, it would remind me of those bitter feelings I
had and still may. As abruptly as the relationship ended, that’s how abruptly I would
close the closet door to my yarn closet. And when something is needed from that closet,
I would purposely avoid looking towards the corner the bag sat in that held this
unfinished blanket.
Today, my heart is calling to hold this blanket and feel the soft texture in a new gentle
way. As I hold it, I feel as though I am being cleansed with a feeling inside of me of
forgiveness, forgiveness for her, forgiveness to myself.
These past few years have definitely been a whirlwind of emotions that need to be
reconciled. Full forgiveness is not complete yet. It’s a daily mindset until the day comes
when there is no longer bitter associated with any thought of her…or myself.
So I’ve decided to crochet my way towards forgiveness and finish this blanket. But that’s
not all. Though my sister is no longer here for me to give it to her, I know in my heart I
need to give it as a Christmas gift to the person who is hurting the most in all of this; my

There is freedom in forgiveness.


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