Thursday’s Trench Truth


Why do we study history? To learn from it, right? But for many reasons, we have
been taught, though unconsciously, that we should leave the past in the past; as a
result, we have become afraid to study our own history.
Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Thursday’s Trench
Truth with Trench Classes United.
I sat there writing what the expert witness spoke, trying my hardest to remain
expressionless…FAILED! Plaintiff’s counsel busted me and the look on his face
wasn’t favorable; I’ll just tell you that.
I can’t go into too many of the details of this case, but what I can tell you is it
involves a common phenomena: a teacher molesting a child…but it doesn’t stop
there: The child, now 18 years old, had been molested and abused at home as
well by people who were supposed to care for her. As a result the cycle continues
and chaos has become normal.
Why? Because how she was loved and cared for is how she loves others!
The hardest truth to write down that day was the fact that many of the emotional
effects of any child abuse victim stay with them for LIFE! They can unlearn and
become healthy, but these effects will always be with them. It’s like an
amputation of sorts for their innocence is robbed and those body memories are
part of the flesh for always.
But….I know from personal experience that there is healing to be had; just as one
is directed around a detour, so one with these type of emotional battle scars can

learn to function in life and love by avoiding colliding with the body memory and
loving around it!
Sounds a bit deep, huh? Well, here’s your last chance to join us for this How to
Love Who You Love Trench Class that begins TONIGHT! It’s not too late to unlearn
how you love and learn to be loved the way you were intended!














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