Thursday’s Trench Truth and Invitation too!

Thanks so much for coming by for a quick moment of truth at Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. I hope you are experiencing victories this week!

Are you going through something that seems hopeless? Do you feel like you’re not being heard by the One you hope in? If we’re honest, it’s really hard to walk by faith sometimes and walk blindly, so instead we live bumping into depression and frustration, uncertain of our destination. Join us to learn how to live a life fueled by hope, free from anger, especially in those circumstances that send us scurrying and worrying.

I truly look forward to working with you


P.S. Join me today at 10:00 PST for Coffee Hour Live to learn how to love the unlovable! If you can’t watch at 10, just click on it and watch at your convenience.

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