Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8 (#6) from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to the “Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8” series. Grab your coffee and come on in with an open mind and heart. I want to pick up from where we left off last week. If you’re new to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and/or this series, by all means, feel free to check the archives for the previous Tuesday Morning Series, which is five blogs. It will make better sense that way and you won’t feel like you’re jumping into the middle of a conversation.

Last week we talked about our rights and our freedom, and I posed a question that I still don’t have an answer for, that is, what is the difference between a freedom we enjoy and a right that we demand? Something is definitely out of balance when we can’t tell the difference between the two in a given situation.

Our freedom is what led us to the proposed constitutional amendment, and once the vote was in, it became our right to have the California Constitution amended. So why is the boat being rocked and our votes being cast to the wind as if they hadn’t happened? Something sounds a bit unfair about all of this, but again, I will attempt to cover all four corners, historically, emotionally, physically and spiritually speaking. Let’s research this together.

Historically speaking, Proposition 8, or the California Marriage Protection Act, was a ballot proposition and constitutional amendment which was passed in the November 2008 state elections and added a new provision, 7.5, to the Declaration of Rights to the California Constitution. Because this ballot proposition was passed, it overturned the California Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. So let’s stop there, because there’s that word again, “right.”

The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines the noun “right” as: “something to which one has a just claim: as the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled.” Interestingly enough, in almost all of the other definitions, the word privilege is used along with it!

Emotionally and physically speaking, many of the proponents exercised their right of voting to insure the passing of Proposition 8 stating that “heterosexual marriage is an essential institution of society and that leaving the constitution unchanged would result in public schools teaching our kids that gay marriage is okay.” Now when it comes to our kids, I’m all about anything that involves them is not only my right to protect, but my duty, and my freedom embraces that.

Spiritually speaking, the first marriage – but certainly not the way we know it today – was with Adam and Eve – and even if you don’t believe the Word, just hang in there with me, and by all means, feel free to leave your comments. Just remember to keep them clean and respectful. So marriage from the beginning was between a man and a woman, which is how procreation works, right? If the parts don’t connect, they don’t belong. You can’t put a three prong-plug in a two-prong outlet; you’re bound to cause some sort of damage.

But moving on, the Hebrew definition for the word “right,” as a noun, which also has the word “privilege” within its definition states: a participant’s statutory or customary right or privilege. In the Greek translation, the word right translates to ex-oo-see’-ah and means privilege! There’s that word again.

I’m beginning to wonder if part of our problem with this is that historically, physically, emotionally and spiritually speaking, could we be mixing up our freedom with our rights and privileges? Next week I think we’ll explore the word “privilege” for more clarity before we move on in this controversial subject.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit, learning as we go. It truly is better to gather as many facts as we can before making a decision. Now that’s freedom!



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