Tuesday Mornings… Proposition 8-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to our “Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8” series. For those of you joining us for the first time, be sure and check out the previous blogs (I think this is the eight or ninth; I’m losing count!) so you don’t feel like you’re jumping in on the middle of a conversation. I truly welcome any comments you have on this and remember, no one’s got the gavel, so keep them clean and respectful. This blog isn’t trying to be critical, but to get us all thinking and re-evaluating our own actions. Grab your coffee, an open mind and heart, and come on in.

Last week we talked a little bit about Tyler Clemente and the sad truth of him choosing to take his own life and we closed our time last week with a thought that I think needs some more consideration. Why do you think he chose to end his own life? Do you believe as the gay rights activists believe; that he was bullied because he was a homosexual and society has labeled homosexuality as “sinful,” at least up until the recent past?
This is such a slippery slope, because the truth is the two so-called friends who exposed Tyler through the use of social media obviously had issues with homosexuality, but his death is truly a triangle involving a dangerous intersection of sexual confusion, hateful friends/classmates and the wild fire of the social media. It was just too much for Tyler to handle.

When I look at it from that perspective, it’s somewhat easy to understand the gay activists thinking because after all, if the label of “sinful” were to disappear from the homosexuality, then the people who are convinced that they are homosexual along with those who are confused about their sexuality would be free from the vulnerability and possibility of threats and bullying and injury. They shout and claim, If only it were accepted as “NORMAL,” then this wouldn’t have happened.

That last part of the sentence is where the true trouble lies. I want to share with you a comment that Steve Atkinson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist said, and I quote: “The gay mind is in search of its own definition and its purpose. To find that, it is encroaching on the norms of our culture and after the fact insists on calling it normal.”

Let’s take it a step further, for the sake of all four corners – I was actually thinking of adding a fifth corner, if there could be such a thing, because not only do I try to include historical, physical, emotional and spiritual data on this subject, referred to as the four corners, but I also write from experience in this lifestyle. This subject is very near and dear to my heart because I have a sister who I love very much whose very being screams to be accepted as normal and she is consistently and constantly seeking approval and acceptance for choosing to live a lesbian lifestyle. She “came out” with her choice to live that lifestyle about 15 or so years ago.

I know in my heart that she wasn’t born that way and she’s admitted as much to me when we’ve been able to talk about it. Unfortunately we’re not able to talk about it a whole lot because she, like other gay rights activists, uses the argument that I’m homophobic and narrow-minded and a hypocrite because Jesus loves her the way that she is.

Therein lies another half-truth; He loves her but not the lifestyle. I love how Albert Mohler put it in an article he blogged called “Between the Boy and the Bridge-A Haunting Question,” he wrote: “The believing church cannot surrender to the demand that we disobey and reject biblical truth. That much is clear. We cannot lie to persons about sinfulness of their sin, nor comfort them with falsehood about their moral accountability before God.” And as my friend Steve says, integrity is undivided.

Again, we are faced with the dilemma of holding to our value and still maintaining an attitude of love and respect at the same time. If only there had been someone to show Tyler Clemente love and respect; would his life have been saved? Do we who stand on Biblical truths behave too homophobic while others are jumping off bridges and ending their lives?
Please keep coming back.

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