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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome to our “Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8” series. We’re going to be picking up from where we left off last week, especially in light of all the comments I received. So if this is your first time joining us, and if you feel at all like you’ve jumped into the middle of our conversation, feel free to check out last Tuesday’s blog to get caught up. So grab your cup of coffee and come on in and bring with you an open mind and heart. And before we start, please let me assure you, I’m learning as we go and I do not claim to have all the information, just a passion and a purpose derived from curiosity and experience.

Tyler Clemente may have ended his life about a month ago now, but he’s still very much alive in the eyes and hearts of many, and his stunted smile can be seen on the October 18th issue of People Magazine, just below the bold words “Deadly Bullying.” In fact, beginning October 4, People and CNN are partnering in a weeklong special on bullying so we truly haven’t seen or heard the last of Tyler. I have to say I’m glad for that because I think there are many things to be learned from this tragedy. Oh if we could have or would have learned them before he took his life…..

Now I’m finding out through his death that we have a “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.” Have you ever heard of such a thing? Is homosexuality becoming so acceptable that we have to have this type of a network? According to this “network,” they say that a survey taken by them in 2009 showed that nearly two-thirds of the “gay/lesbian” population felt unsafe in school. Since Tyler’s suicide, we have discovered that in the month of September, three other teens committed suicide after “homophobic taunting.”

Of course the gay rights activists want to shout, “Homophobia!” Ellen DeGeneres has declared, “Something must be done,” and even at the end of a powerful You Tube song, It Gets Better, she’s very emotional – (I actually put aside her lifestyle when I watched her on American Idol and I really like her) as she stutters and says: Don’t worry; they’ll change their minds.” What needs changing in the mind? Licensed Psycho-therapist Steve Atkinson says: “If you’re married and you have an affair, why is it you know it’s wrong? It’s wrong because God says it’s wrong, not because you’re married. It’s the same thing with homosexuality. God declares that it’s a perversion from the natural, therefore sinful in nature. The lifestyle is wrong because God says it’s wrong, not because they’re homosexuals.”

Did you know there’s a “It Gets Better” campaign out there? It’s a very good one I might add. Todrick Hall (season 8 American Idol contestant) empathetically leads that campaign with his song, “It gets better.” It’s a powerful song, packed full of a lot of truths masqueraded behind confusion. The words are bursting with the most powerful of our emotions: the need to belong, to be accepted, to be loved and to love. Seriously, it’s a beautiful song; I listened to it five times. And I do understand how those who are taunted are drawn deeper into their confusion, their need to feel loved and accepted. Tyler Clemente, it is now being said, was a depressed, kind of introverted kind of guy. Was it because of his quiet struggle with his sexuality or his conscience? Now he will never be able to answer that for us.

This is a viscous circle/cycle. Seriously, the more we taunt, bully, harm and hurt people who have chosen this lifestyle, the bigger the circle will spread and the louder they will cry out for acceptance. Is it any wonder their cries are turning heads all over the world? What does a fire do when you add another match to it? It gains momentum. Their cries are now turning into demands. Their demands are starting to invade our God-given freedom. Aren’t we back where we started ten weeks ago? Doesn’t it seem as though all these issues are like one big spider web woven into each other?

Please, feel free to email me at Evinda@chicklitpower.com and/or leave your comments. Just remember, don’t be disrespectful or angry. This blog is not a gavel. I will never claim to know it all, but this I will say with certainty: two wrongs don’t make a right.                                                           

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4 Responses to “Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. susie says:

    WOW! packed blog today, very good. I like the truth that God says the lifestyle is wrong and who wants to be arguing with God? (not me!) People need to put their HOPE in Jesus and start believing in Him and what He says! Thank you again for an insightful blog today :0) God bless you.

  2. Jackie Evancho says:

    When we talk about such things we usually forgot many things about that and people should read this to get more information about it.

  3. Lee T says:

    It’s been stormy here, so I’m catching up on yesterdays blog first. I do want to remind everyone that bullying does not originate or “belong” only to the gay crowd. I have seen bullying of chubby kids, Down syndrome kids, tall skinny kids, teacher’s pets … You name it and children have “kidded” about it. It’s hurtful, no matter who it is aimed at. I was very tall very early in life and I had to live with the kidding about that. My parents were divorced when most kids had never heard the word, so I was kidded about that. Lots of bad things out there, but we have to be centered and know where our strength really is.

    The old expression “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is so UNTRUE.

    Thanks for your interest in this subject.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have gone through every word you have printed here. It gives me a good point of view in a lot of things now. I’m sure it can do the same for others as well.