Tuesday’s Trench Truth

Have you ever experienced a clogged sink or a malfunction in your garbage disposal? It can be a bit frustrating and puzzling at the same time, and if you have ever experienced this, you know you have to stop what you’re doing, slow down and fix the problem…or it will only get worse! Welcome to Tuesday’s Trench Truth with Trench Classes United. Come on in for a moment of truth.

It was towards the end of a class and I felt led to share this analogy of a clogged sink and/or a broken garbage disposal, trying to paint a visual of clogs in the pipes preventing the water from flowing freely and setting the clog free. Then I shared that the heart sort of works the same way. If we’ve come to believe negative things about ourselves, told to us by whoever and for whatever reason, there begins to be a clogging in the heart that prevents the love of God from coming completely in and allowing us to live that abundant life.

It’s not that His love isn’t powerful enough, because it is: but it’s only when we face the lies and begin to denounce them with His truths for us and about us that His love for us begins to move ever so freely from our head to our heart!

Are there negative things, aka, lies, that you’ve come to believe about yourself as truth?  What causes a lie to flee: A truth! Here are just a few of the hundreds of truths that God says about you and about me:

We were created in His image and surely God doesn’t despise Himself! Genesis 1:27.
We are His children, precious in His sight John 1:12

We are accepted-Ephesians 1:6

He calls us friend-John 15:15

We can’t out-sin His love for us! Oh, that you would begin dispelling the lies with new truths that His love would flow freely in your heart



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