Tuesday’s Trench Truth

As the top five reasons were revealed on the screen, I couldn’t help but nod my
head in agreement. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking of my own weaknesses, per
se, rather I was agreeing with the cyclone towards destruction!

Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and Tuesday’s Trench
Truth with Trench Classes United. Isn’t it so much easier to point out the
weaknesses of others and not own our own?
Our pastor was talking about having a gritty marriage — grit is passion to
persevere. He began with a powerful truth that often we just want things to work
but we don’t want to do the work!
Then he listed the top five reasons why they fail and again I nodded in agreement:
1. Poor communication
2. Finances
3. Abuse
4. No longer “attracted”
5. Infidelity
Now if you look at the first one, suddenly number 2 becomes more important
than it should – meaning when we are not communicating well, we focus on other
things, the first of which is finances. Then that can get us acting like we are on the
complete opposite team and often that leads to number 3 which takes on many
forms – abusive language, insults, shutting down, isolating, abandoning to name a
few. When it gets to the fourth stage, the fifth is the most common and logical:
we begin looking for the escape route because we want out.
In other words, one leads to the next and so the crazy dance, unhealthy love cycle

It’s time to learn a new dance! It’s not too late to join us for our How to Love
Trench Class! Contact us today!




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